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    About Feedback Run - Give me you're best!

    The community knows me as TheBASheep, but formally you can call me Jason. 

    ***UPDATE (10/27/2015) Some of you may have noticed the deadline has actually changed. The pain and stress in my hand has gotten worse and it's become difficult to type. Sadly I will have to close this early as I believe all this review typing is related to it. Sorry to those who couldn't submit, but I think it's time to rest for a bit!***

    Please have a look at my other casting if you are interested in showing me what you got! 


    **UPDATE** This blew up way more than expected! I am really overjoyed by all the great feedback I've been getting and cannot thank you all enough for trusting me with a feedback! 

    Sadly before I started this I had been experiencing straining and pain in my right hand and I did not think it would worsen as the week went but it seems that all the typing has made it worse... unfortunately this is delaying some of the feedback I write. I appreciate your patience and hope we have an understanding! **UPDATE**

    I am a self-taught voice coach and audio engineer. My sources of education come from volunteer work within various audio engineering positions, online sources and in-person, 1-on-1 with professionals. To date, I have 4 years of training in the field and approx. 6 in study.

    I have noticed an influx within the CCC community relying on auditions to get feedback on performance. Additionally, when they do get feedback, I either completely disagree with the ones provided or they are not enough (I feel) to really teach you anything.

    For this feedback run, I ignore microphone quality and focus right on what matters. If requested I can provide tips and tricks on how to treat audio in many programs! Audacity, Audition, Sonar, Ableton etc... along with tips and tricks you can do to make recording a much simpler process, solutions on acoustic treatment and microphone etiquette. It all depends on your situation!

    I am also offering free live training if you feel comfortable, add me on Skype with your CCC name in your message and your reason for contacting me and we can set up a good schedule for you!

    Use this opportunity to learn something! I trust my skills... BUT in no way am I forcing you to trust me. All I am asking is for you to give me a chance and maybe we can do something brilliant!

    My schedule goes as follows

    Sleeping 10AM - 5PM EST (As I work nightshift in an office)

    5:01PM - 9:59AM EST (All the time I am not sleeping) I will be able to view your posts.

    I will try to write reviews for your submission within 1-3 days of your post (depending on the volume of submissions I get). 

    All reviews written are actually fairly long. This is important to me and you. So I will give 100% if you give me 100%.

    About the Creator: basheep

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold