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Helena Sky's Previously Completed Works

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    About Fate of Olympus: 2,500 Years of Bloopers



    Okay, so I'm writing a book called the Fate of Olympus with my fiance as the co-author. I tried making voice skits for the characters before, but it was all me and I couldn't voice most of the characters very well... so it kind of sucked. XD

    Anyways, I'll explain the ACTUAL story later. What I'm recording for is a purely vocal comedy of things that went on over the 2,500 since the godlings were created. This includes things that went on in Ancient Greece on Olympus, in Tartarus, In Elysium, and in the mortal world. I mean 2,500 years is a long time for things to go wrong in hysterical ways, am I right?

    So, I'll be casting most of the godlings and a select number of the gods.... who am I kiding, I'll probably cast a good portion of them...


    Here's the "Back of the Book" least until I rewrite it for the millionth time.

    "The Beginning

    A long time ago, back in the lands of ancient myths, the gods and goddesses of Olympus ruled peacefully. Without the Romans rearing their heads to interfere, things had settled down and the gods went about the accidental creation of godlings. Godlings were the children of two celestial beings, including other gods.

    After a while, there were a fair amount of godlings running about and doing as they pleased. Unfortunately these weren't always good things...

    What Went Wrong?

    There was one godling born from Hades and Chione. Her name was Helena Sephone and she held a great control over shadows and darkness. While the other godlings gathered friends, Helena tended to be pushed away. The main culprit was Etonius, godling of Zeus and Hera.

    So, slowly while life went on through the immortal years, Helena simply sat back and watched the injustice before her. All of the godlings were allowed into Olympus whenever they pleased, yet she was kept out just like her father. Just like he was not welcome, neither was she.

    Resentment began to boil deep within her. She held powers just as great, if not surpassing theirs so why was she dealt this injustice? Eventually, something about this seemed to get to her shortly after she obtained her immortal form and her father gifted her with a circlet of silver to show that she was his daughter to match her old necklace that bore his symbol. She decided to raise her own army of the undead and any godling willing to join her cause and topple Olympus. Her father was proud of her when she first made this move.

    The Fate of Olympus Then?

    The remaining godlings and the gods fought hard against her and her army to destroy them, and eventually, after the death of all of the godlings on Olympus' side, the gods were able to defeat them... including her father who had encouraged her. Now her and her army of godlings stood before the council of the gods, their fate in the hands of those who had shunned her and the one who had disowned her. Although she was sure many in her army felt the same sting of pain from that.

    Finally it was decided that all the godlings that took place in the rebellion were to be cast into Tartarus, never to return, while the fallen godlings would be reborn in the future.

    Where are we Now?

    So it was spoken and so it was done. The rebellion was cast into Tartarus while the slain godlings souls were reborn into the modern time. They live across America where Olympus now resided. They have just come to their immortal age and are glad to finally live in peace.

    However, little do they know, Helena and her army are slowly working their way out of Tartarus stronger than when they were cast away with their eyes set on the sweet prize of revenge and Olympus within their grasp."

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