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Squirrel Live's Previously Completed Works

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    About Far Lands: Nived's Journal EP 1 [Casting Main Roles]

    "Far Lands" was, and is a roleplaying game on a popular website, known as "Roblox". it's the product of "Flashstorm".

    (This was before and during the time that Roblox was known mainly as a children's platform, and was still a game that one could play without necessarily feeling odd, due to age.)

    In said game, as many times as you may see it; small stories were made, and overall; one of them is being turned into a scripted audiobook. Nothing official, nothing being sold, nothing of that sort.

    This project is completely for fun; and will not be given payments NOR deadlines for this reason. You will not be placed under an environment where deadlines are required. It is highly suggested that you take your time, do it when you're comfortable, and do it in a good mood.

    Just please don't take half a year, I know this sounds ridiculous, but I've been faced with this before.

    The setting of Far Lands is Fantasy-Medieval, including magic, beasts, and awfully dark topics.


    Decent Microphone.

    Little-To-No Background Noise.

    Discord. (Kindly leave it with your audition.)


    .MP3 Files (especially for auditioning).

    No Excessive Filters (Things like EQ, Compressing, Noise Reduction, etc. are okay! Making your files clearer, better, louder, or smoother are completely okay! NO adding massive changes to your voice, though! We want to hear what YOU sound like; and if you get cast into a role that needs filters, THAT'S when they'll be accepted!)


    The audiobook will be split into episodes, and each episode will be put into a YouTube Channel; that of which every member of the project will be credited in.

    (Those Casted In "Civ" Roles Are Kept The Entire Series)

    About the Creator: Squirrel_Live


    (Voice Acting)

    (Finished) MURDER ON THE NILE:
    Physical Actor (Main Cast):
    [High School Paid Theatre]

    (Finished) ROCK OF AGES:
    Physical Actor (Extra, Spoken Role):
    [High School Paid Theatre]

    Voice Actor (Main Cast)
    [Online Dubbed Comic-Animation]

    (In-Development) DEVERIA:
    Voice Actor (Main Cast)
    Narrator / Guide

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold