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About Fantasy Fighters - Female Role(s) [Complete]

*Thank you to all who auditioned! It was great listening to everyones voices and ultimately picking one person to play this role.

*This project was initially posted on BTVA, and have no way of contacting the selected members, so to secure the role, I am also posting it here for anyone would would like to audition and join the team. You will be replacing the selected person on BTVA, if you are selected here,*

Fantasy Fighters is looking for 1 or 2 voice actresses to play "Healer" and "Dark Healer".
I encourage you to audition for both characters, even if you feel you may not fit the voice of one of them, it may work out - I will try to provide feedback to everyone, and be available for any additional questions/comments on the character(s).

Any questions about the project, character(s), or me, feel free to contact me by email, you are also welcome to re-submit auditions to me through email.

Im a bit new to this site, so im not entirely sure how auditions are handled yet here.

1. Good mic (no phone mics, try to eliminate as much background/"fan"/"air" noise as you can, clean recordings
2. Try to avoid clipping (dont be too close to the mic where the waves will sound too loud)
3. Raw versions (do not edit your voice in any way, editing is done by me and the audio team, I want to hear how you REALLY sound and how I might be able to work with it - if you want to do a edited version yourself, please include a "raw" version with it)
4. Have and use Skype, email (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, similar services), Skype preferred - for instant communication (webcam NOT required)
5. Have a secondary contact aside from Skype, such as email, Discord, Steam, etc... Just another way to reach you if needed

Have fun with it, if you are not the first to audition for a role, take a listen to the others, listen to the provided references, look at the BTVA posts as well, read the comments, and see how that may help you as well =) Everyone is always open to re-submission through email.

Link to the BTVA Post.
Skype: Dibbie1337
Email: strongstrenth(at)

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold