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    About Fanime Voice Actors/Actresses Wanted!

    This is for a fanime project called "Elemental Scouts", something that i've been working on for over 5 years. This is a magical girl fanime inspired by Madoka Magica and Sailor Moon.

    The lines come from the script for Episode One, which is completed. If you have a YouTube account for me to be linked to, please link it in the comments for when I'm putting your name in the credits.

    Here are the guidlines for auditioning:

    1) Have good microphone quality

    2) Be able to show emotion

    3) Please, please, PLEASE be available

    4) Respect others auditions

    5) If I find your audition spot on, I will cast you right away

    6) BEWARE OF BACKGROUND NOISES AND LOCATIONS. (Nothing to noisy, nothing that has echoes unless asked for)

    **JULY 27TH. 2016 UPDATE**

    Okay, so there's a lot of people that had auditioned for these roles, and I did not expect at least 30 people to audition honestly.So, thank you for those who have auditioned, or are planning to audition, but since I did not expect so many people to audition for these roles, I've decided to shorten the deadline for the auditions. It's nothing against people who don't have time, but since I'm gonna be going back to school sooner than I have expected, I have to start doing animations and finishing them sooner than I thought, and not to mention that whoever I choose for the roles, I have to give them a two week deadline for the actors/actresses to send in their roles so I can actually animate their voice in to the given episode of this series.With that being said, instead of the deadline being August 15th, the deadline is now moved to July 30th. Roles will be given out one week the latest of the deadline [August 6th, 2016].

    If I pick you as one of the roles you auditioned for, you will receive a notification in your inbox that notifies you if you've been given a specific role. 

    For each episode, you will be voicing a script for each episode. Each script has a two week deadline. When sent out to you, you must be able to practice and send in your lines to me so I can send you the script for the net episode. It is very crucial to get your lines in before the deadline so I can start animating and editing. If you cannot send in your lines before the deadline, you must let me know as soon as possible so I can send the script to your characters understudy. If you have not been able to send in lines 2-3 times, then you will be cut from the series, and your part will go to your understudy.

    However, I am also choosing an understudy in case if one of the actors/actresses will not be able to send in their lines by a given date, or if the actor/actress will not be able to participate in that specific role. Both main roles and understudies will be included in the credit sequences, so please do not feel like you're being left out.

    When you're auditioning, you are agreeing that you will be available if you have been selected to voice a specific character in this series. This applies to the main roles and the understudies.

    When it comes to communication, you may choose to be contacted over via Email or via  Skype. Preferably, I like to have both communication devices. I choose via Email so I can send you your scripts and so you can send your lines in, and via Skype for group meetings and all that jazz.

    If there is any questions or would like to clear up something, please message me right away.

    Thank you, and good luck to everyone!

    About the Creator: xmegaanimex

    I'm a voice actress, animator, musician, and an artist

    Instagram: @thatweirdemo

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold