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Danyo Gusto's Previously Completed Works

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    About Fanfiction Reading Podcast (18+)

    Literal Hell is my idea for a narrative driven comedy podcast which I have finally started putting into motion.  

    Literal Hell will take listeners on a journey into the darkest depths of the internet:

    Horribly written fan fiction based around our childhood favorites in video games/tv series/movies/etc, poisoning the nostalgia they once held in our hearts.

    I will be playing the role of the shows host, and I will be introducing the story, its original writer and the guest of the episode, and delivering some stories myself.  I would also like to have various guest readers, as well.

    What I'm looking for in readers is the ability to narrate the mispelled and grammatically errored stories in a professionally mannered narrative voice, while breaking and delivering various character voices with enthusiasm.  

    This project is just in its early stages, but what I would like to do is record a number of episodes in advance to release as, let's call it, a "Pilot Season" if you may, with hopes of receiving feedback and learning some things to enhance the listeners experience.

    There are some requirements I'd like prospective voice actors to meet:

    -most importantly, be comfortable with what this project is all about and the content it wishes to deliver.

    -A decent quality microphone and area you can record to minimize disturbances and background noise when recording.

    -Access to Discord so we can maybe eventually have group conversations, and Google Docs so I could share the documents I wish you to read.

    -Possession of a variety of voices.

    -The guys to read the lewd and horrendous content I ask you to.

    There is no concrete date for publication, but communication between myself and future voices will be present to discuss status of the project.

    Thank you for your time and interest in helping, can't wait to work with all of you.

    About the Creator: DanyoGusto

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold