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Jaggedbird's Previously Completed Works

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    About Fallen:backstory (audio drama)

    Director's notes

    THIS PROJECT IS A LONG TERM COMMITMENT please keep this in mind when deciding to record. 

    PLEASE make sure your mic is good enough quality; I don't ask for professional quality, but enough to have your voice sound clear 

    Speak loud and clear! Unless your character is rather unconfident, I don't think mumbling your lines will help your chances of being chosen 

    If you like this project I strongly advise that you do more than one character when doing your auditions; it will increase your chance of being chosen.

    JUST REMEMBER: besides these few notes I have mentioned there's no stress; just have fun with this project! ~


    Fallen is the story based in the modern day and age; a world similar to our own but with a few fantasy elements. 

    After finally regaining her conscious to a world unknowns to her, a young woman is transported from her own world to a world like ours (as established above). 
    Struggling her way through everyday and having no recollection of where she came from, she fights everyday to survive on the rough side of the streets of California.

    She soon finds herself in a corner when a man tries to take her due to her small size, only for another to appear. The stranger is dressed in a camo uniform as he gets the man to beat it. 
    It turns out the stranger is a military U.S Marine who's just home from bootcamp. 

    The two soon become friends and she manages to get on her feet; along get her own apartment thanks to the marine. 
    Little does he know though, this woman is not entirely human...

    (More information and characters will be added in the near future)

    About the Creator: jaggedbird


    My name is Jamie, I'm a 17 year old aspiring writer/Artist/VA all the way from Ireland. 

    Check out my demos for what I can do!

    The first one is accents, the other is editing.

    My art: Jaggedbird.artstation.com

    Casual art: Jaggedbird.deviantart.com (while your there, share my campaign. Lots of love!)

    I hope to impress and work with you c:

    -Jamie Ní Coíleáin (Jaggedbird)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold