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    About Everybody Loves the Icon of Sin Ep 2

    This is a small web series I am working on in my spare time.

    It takes place in the Doom universe, though at no real specific time, the sequence of events plays out much like the games in chronological(ish) order.

    The show details the life of the Icon of Sin, a massive demonic entity that rules over Hell. He grows increasingly frustrated as the Doomslayer continues his unstoppable march through Doom 1 and 2, watching as all his attempts to even slow him down fail.

    To add to his frustrations, his personal attendant, a Baron of Hell who goes only by Baron, continuously makes life in Hell even more difficult than it already is through his incredible incompetence. 

    For episode two, I need only one voice actress to fill the role of a Cacodemon, brought in by the Baron to discuss how a Cacodemon flies. Unfortunately for the poor Cacodemon, the Baron has little restraint and simply shows the Icon how he THINKS flight might be achieved by grabbing her and turning her backside to the Icon. 

    Unfortunately, a series of misinterpretations result in a very awkward scene. 

    NOTICE: The script contains explicit language and some sexual vulgarity. Though played only for a gross out laugh, please make sure you're comfortable with this before auditioning. If you have questions about the content, please message me for details.


    Even though this is an unpaid role, in order to prevent massive disparities in audio quality, your recording must be able to fit a few requirements. 

    - Your voice must be heard clearly and without distortion. Plosives must be minimized (pop filter!) as well as sibilants, though the latter can be compensated for somewhat.

    - Your noise floor must be reasonably low. Though we will be correcting your audio in Adobe Audition, you must do as much as you can to minimize noise in the recording. DO NOT APPLY NOISE REDUCTION. 

    - Your recording space needs to be protected from reflections. Some of this can be adjusted in post, but it's hard to do, so do your best to ensure your voice won't be reflected off of a wall and back into the mic. In a pinch, just some pillows and blankets can noticeably improve this.

    - Your setup needs to be able to handle high volume, as a yell is called for in the script. It's going to be heavily processed and layered alongside sound effects, so this is a lower priority. 

    Most importantly, your audio must be entirely unedited and unprocessed when delivered. Absolutely NO post-processing or editing should be done prior to delivery! We will be able to handle any non-catastrophic abberations in the audio. 

    Just to be clear...






     We promise, we'll be able to make good use of your audio as long as your voice comes cleanly through. We need the recordings to be totally unedited so we can have maximum flexibility in post.

    If you are cast, you will be brought on as a ELIOS project partner, meaning you will have priority access to roles in the future. Additionally, as a kind of "compensation", as a partner we will assist you with audio post production in the future, even for other projects.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold