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Melody Tune's Previously Completed Works

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    About English cover group [Vocaloid and Anime!]

    Hello everyone! 

    It's me Melody ^-^, This will be a long term project. Important info is listed below though if you have any questions please tell me.

    DISCORD {any one can join this} : https://discord.gg/PYYSfpr

    Main info!:

    This is a long term thing. We will be singing either vocaloid or any anime song that you would like though this will be decided once every role is taken. I require 7 people 3 female singers and 4 male singers though I may add more in the future. I will need a editer and a animator, editor to edit the audio as well as a animator to make the video. As well as a lyricist. Once every role is taken I will need you to have discord in order for communication. 



    female singer 1= Violxtt
    female singer 2=Melonchieri
    female singer 3= Pizzapoxx
    female singer 4= Sorasnake281
    female singer 5= Darkia
    female singer 6= Arcadebunnycovers
    female singer 7= SHSL hope
    male singer 1=Forest Dragon slayer
    male singer 2= TomSkyHendriks
    male singer 3= Stargayzer
    male singer 4= Venava
    male Singer 5= Justin 
    animator=  TomSkyHendriks +
    lyricist= Forest dragon slayer + Violxtt
    Mixer: Easy +
    Artist: Venava


    need a decent mike 
    need to know english 
    have discord 

    The videos will be posted at {I will change the channel name}: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCN_MGVaxjy2FAQz1s41YKA/videos?view_as=subscriber


    Do you have to sing a whole song?
    No you do not just enough for me to understand your voice so maybe half a minute or so but feel free to go longer.

    Are we allowed instruments?
    Yes you are you can add a back track of you wanted to 

    Do we have to sing in Japanese?
    I rather you sing english since this is a english cover group.

    Will we all be singing a song like 8+ people on one song?
    actually no, everyone has diffrent voices meaning diffrent songs fit diffrent people. Some songs may include 3 of you while some may include 8 it really depends on the song.

    Can we request songs?
    Of course! I hardly know that many songs so feel free to suggest a song you want to sing with the group. You can suggests songs on the discord chat that's in this desciption

    will there be more spots?
    Yes actually, depends on how many people's audition.

    Songs we may sing:

    These are not confirmed but these are just some songs that some people have requested. If you want, singing these songs may give you a better chance at being selected.


    Echo- Gumi
    Circles- Gumi 
    again- Gumi
    Unravel- Tokyo Ghoul
    1/4- Kaito
    Hirari Hirari- Hatsune miku
    Bad apple- Touhou Project
    Crossing field- Sword Art Online
    This game- No Game No Life
    Berserk- MafuMafu
    Zenbonsakura- Hatsune Miku
    Shelter- Porter Robinson 
    departures- Guilty Crown
    Magia- Madoka Magica
    Again- Fullmetal alchemist 
    paper moon- Soul Eater
    HIde and Seek- vocaloid 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold