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About Eng Dub Ginga Densetsu Weed

This is an English dub of Ginga Densetsu Weed.  The roles of Weed, Mel, Teru,(possibly Teru's dad) and Kaibutsu are already taken in this dub. This series will be posted on youtube after it is completed. It will be of all of the episodes, so VA's need to be commited. (The deadline I put is obviously just as far as it would let me go, but i'll give more info about that to those who get the roles.) It will be a dub that keeps true to the dialogue with the exeption of the Japanese added things, like 'san' after someone's name. This is English dubbed after all,  and it should flow in that language, right?   So names will be plain, and sentences that don't  flow right will be altered to do so in English. (There's alot of that in the narration in the first episode!)
Curse words will also be altered. I am Christian, and besides not liking foul language, it would be great to make this kid friendly too!  :) 

hell = heck
  obviously no GD, or using God's  name in vain. Either say all the other words in the sentence, that excluded, or use clean appropriate filler words.
F*** = freak, or flip
D*** it = darn it' or 'dang it, 
sh**' = shoot,  crud, darn or dang
Bas**** = coward, idiot, jerk, dirtbag, any other name that fits.
Bi*** = 'chick'(when they just refer to female, or where it fits) or another cleaner insult could be thought of in the case of insults.(cow, idiot, fool, ditz)
Wiggle room for these thing is there, but it must be both clean, and sound good in the situation. Other than these changes, it will be a faithful dub.

Qualifications: (mic does not have to be the best, but quality is very nice! Also preffered.)
1) Need to be able to commit long term
2) Need to be able to convey emotion
3)Need to be able to scream. Loud.  Not whisper like your screaming, lol
4) Need email, or Skype to contact with.
5) Need to keep in contact and make updates.
6) Need to be able to send me files of your lines.
7 ) need to be able to make noises such as choking, growling, hesitation, expressions of shock, sound like you've had the wind knocked out of you, sound like you are attacking someone, sound like you are dying, and other random things.

VOICE TYPE FOR EACH CHARACTER should be as close to the original as possible.(which I'll give examples of by directing those interested in auditioning to the episode that character is in in the voice descriptions for each character.) There is wiggle room if somebody can get the characters attitude down but doesn't quite match the original voice, but I am also trying to match the voice to the original voice as well. The most important thing I am looking for though, is that the voice actor can match the personality of the character, and be a good match for their attitude.

I will post updates every time I select new voices for characters, and as new work gets done I will make updates every two weeks. Every update will be in the form of a link to a video.  The deadline for every VA's lines is one episode every month, and all of them  will get work every month even if every voice is not there yet. Because of the constant updates every two weeks, everyone will get to see progress and I hope that that will encourage everyone to stay excited about this project! :)

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold