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About EMERGENCY CASTING -- Stella Glow: Last Song (Prologue) CODA AND DAD RECASTING

From this: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/stella-glow-last-song-fandub-voiceover

"Regnant faces a new threat. The Time Witch and Queen of Hildegaria, Callia, is wiping out areas of Regnant indiscriminately. Faith in the knights decreases with every attack among the population. The other four witches must be summoned to stop Callia and her followers’s raids. Maris of the Water, Edith of the Wind, Lydian of the Earth, and Tomoko of the Fire.

But how will they truly stop her when the last Conductor died 300 years ago?" from the official site of the fangame Stella Glow: Last Song.

Stella Glow: Last Song is a fanmade sequel to Stella Glow. It takes place 300 years after the true ending, and follows the style of a visual novel.

This project is a fandub to voiceover the game, since there are no voices in the game, spare for Callia's song(so far.)

I will be coordinating with the fangame creators to work on this project. 

More about the game can be found here. Thank you for reading this and we hope you audition.

We are recasting for the roles of Coda and Dad. Please be punctual about deadlines.


- It would be preferred if you had a good quality mic. Usually a compressor mic or a USB mic can do the trick.

- It would also be preferred although not necessary if you have knowledge of Stella Glow, or have played the game. 

- Please be kind to fellow auditioners and do not harass anyone. Once you are part of the cast, please treat your fellow cast members and organizers with respect.

- It is a requirement to have a Discord account. Our communications will be done via Discord; once you have been cast I'll send you a link over PMs on CCC.

About the Creator: opaleen

Hey! I'm Lucian Chen, or you can just call me Luce. I'm an aspiring singer/actor. I do a lot of singing, and I hope to do more VA! As a vocalist, I'm an alto -- I can use E3-D6 although A3-A5 is my comfort zone. I can use a variety of vocal styles in singing. Probably just check out my YouTube channel ahaha

I'm typically more active as a youtube utaite(youtaite) and a VOCALOID producer.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold