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    About Cause of Death (Anime) (MAJOR UPDATES!!!)

    This is a short series i have decided to animate. It is a mix between a slice of life and fantasy genre (Updated genre: Physiological thriller). The story is of a girl named Kema who is part of a race known as reapers. These beings are the soul collectors of human, the only problem is Kema is much different than the rest of her kind. 

    I am willing to take first time voice actors as well as experienced ones. I only ask that mic and sound quality be good. I will mostly like work fairly slowly but i still need everyone to be available to send in voice clip when i need them. I wont be able to animate without them.

    Edit: This is actually a quite dark story, and the ending in not a happy one (just to paint a better picture of the characters).
    If you want to get a sense for how i would like the short series to feel here are a few things to listen too. This was all inspired by a band called "How to Destroy Angels" , specifically the songs "Ice Age" And "A Drowning". If you would like to listen them before your audition it may be helpful.

    Edit: There are a few more (minor) characters than listed. I am planning to cast them from all existing auditions once i am ready to cast. I Will do call backs to all parts and have those people read additional lines from the new screen play. Once Chosen, everyone will receive a completed copy of the screen play via email. I am currently working on the newest version of the screen play after major changes in the plot. Once that is finished my editors and i will get to work on making the complete product. Thank you and good luck to you all!!!!

    UPDATE!!!!!!! (10-13-2015)
    Hello Everyone. Here is some updates because i am sure people are wondering. I am Getting closer to finishing the final screen play. The characters and story are much more developed them is shown here (But i don't want to update them to give anyone an unfair advantage). So, Once the 31st rolls along i will have all call backs sent in messages to those receiving and then will email those people additional lines. Those cast will need to have a Skype or google hangout account because we will be doing line readings over video or voice call. I am super excited about moving forward in this and i thank everyone who has auditioned and shown an interest in being a part of this. and Good Luck to Everyone! -Chisto

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold