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Eb Omnitrix's Previously Completed Works

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About E-10: Horizons

E-10: Horizons is a by fan-for fans series based on Ben 10 and various other anime, including the bizarre antics of FLCL, the school content of various school anime, and the action packed and emotional story telling of SAO and Evangelion!

A few months after Ethan finds the watch, he has moved to Merridale, California where he attends an art school called Horizon Arts & Culture as he hopes to become part of the next generation to create cartoons. There he meets Terence, Hannibal, Alice and Nikki, together the five attend the same art school in hopes of pursuing their dream jobs. While studying, Ethan uses the watch to either fight crime or to find solutions for his day to day life problems. Whether he uses them to save the day or just to write an essay, he’ll get the job done with whoever he chooses from his arsenal!

Genre: Slice of Life, Superhero, Action/Adventure, Rom-Com

This series is set for 20 episodes per season. 4 Seasons and 80 episodes is the endgame plan but plans might change.  However, all episodes of Season 1 have been written as of this time and is currently being released on Ben10FanFiction, Wattpad and ArchiveofOurOwn.

I'm only adding the Season 1 cast at this time, but I will add more for future seasons.

I'm looking for people who can voice act, compose music, writers (for future seasons), designers and (hopefully) animators!

Update: While we are still looking for roles for additional characters! But! Good news! We will be casting people this week, especially the main cast!  I know the release date has changed, but we are in fact casting now. Stay tuned! 

Update 2: Sorry, we'll begin casting on the week of mid-August, recently I had to move so it's taking much of my time.

Update 3: We had a lot of auditions we still need to check over so I'll finalize some roles as soon as possible. In the meantime, remember this is a volunteer-free project. (We are not paying people for stuff yet)

Update 4: Same as Update 3, I've also been very busy lately given how things have gone in production for the actual show in the last several months. The rest of you will be casted hopefully before or early 2020. I'm going to let the rest of the E-10 writers take over from casting from here. Should be done soon!

About the Creator: EBOmnitrix

While for most sites I go under EBOmnitrix, my name is actually Ethan.
I'm working to become a writer, voice actor, and a storyboard/character/background artist! And hopefully soon animation.
I'm also currently an enrolled college student who's just trying to get himself out there.
I'm into tons of TV series and anime. Favorites being Ben 10, Generator Rex, FLCL, SAO, Jojo and a whole lot more.
I've been into this stuff since I was little and this is what I've felt passionate about doing.
I'm currently character designing and co-writing a few Ben 10 fan projects, as well my own, being E-10: Horizons. I'm also working on some secret stuff that I can't quite talk about yet ;)
But I'm open to pretty much whatever.

Vocal wise I can do many different voices, whether its your basic teenage protagonist or a monster running down the street. Or even if its something strange lol
My specialty in voices is Spongebob, Popeye, Pokemon, Ben 10 aliens, etc.

To follow me/contact me or see my work, check out social media:

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold