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    About Dream Oddly: Tales from Somnia

    This is a radio play type podcast. Think about any normal play you've ever seen. Now strip away the stage and props and you're left with just the voices of the actors and the narrators telling a story. The story will be told through episodes posted bi-weekly.

    Now for the actual setting and story:

    This all takes place in a world called Somnia. It's the world of dreams. There are a couple different levels to this dream world. Normally when people dream they are in the first level. This level is a big mixture of all your thoughts, desires, and memories coming together to give you dreams. This level is the oceans of Somnia. Level two is the land of Somnia. Most people can live their lives without ever making it to this level. It takes a person with a very strong desire to break out of the sea and make it to land. Even then, the person is usually confined to the beaches of Somnia because they are still tied to their physical bodies. A person is made up of three parts: Body, Soul, and the chain that connects the two. If the chain is severed, the soul is free to roam the lands of Somnia but the body falls into a coma. If a body dies when the soul is still connected to it the chain combines with the soul and then the soul is lifted into Anima, the spirit realm. If the body dies before the soul is reunited with it, the soul is forever trapped in Somnia. At this point the chain has nowhere to go, so it still breaks off of the body and becomes it's own entity.

    Now this brings us to the three types of beings in Somnia. Dreamers, Dreams, and Dream Eaters. Dreamers are the souls that wander the lands of Somnia. Dream Eaters are malevolent beings that are formed when the chains have nowhere else to go. The Dream Eaters eat Dreams, obviously. Now Dreams are formed from Dreamers thoughts and desires. The majority of Dreams are created when a Dreamer first washes up on the shores of Somnia, because once they make it to the shores their strongest desires come true. Dreams and Dreamers coexist in civilizations built throughout the land and Dreamers try their best to protect the Dreams from the Dream Eaters.

    Now if I haven't lost you through all that crazy mumbo jumbo then you're ready for the actual story:

    Our story begins by following a young girl named Eloise. She's a new Dreamer who has just been forced onto the shores of Somnia after falling into a coma. Strangely, she doesn't have any strong desires that are granted on her entrance into the realm but she does immediately find herself face to face with a Dream she has created. It is a tall black and skinny figure with two legs and no arms. It's torso has white strips and the face appears to be an oval shapped white mask with three horizontal black lines in the middle of it. She decides it's a he and names him Jin. The two then wander deeper into the land and quickly meet a small boy named Ronnie, who tells them he is to be their "Welcome Guide". He leads them to his town where they meet various other crazy characters.

    So that's the basic beginning of the story. If you've made it this far and are still interested please feel free to audition for a character. Since this is going to be a podcast it will be long running. There will be many characters that are only in one or two episodes though, so if you aren't up for doing this long term there is still plenty to audition for. If anything, Eloise will be the longest running out of all of the characters. And Jin, but he doesn't say a lot.

    At the start this will be all non-profit but if after a few episodes the podcasts is going well it might be able to be turned into something that you guys will get paid for, even if it has to be out of my own pocket.

    More roles will be added as I write more of the script.

    Edit 4/23/15: A little sidenote, I'm working on building a D&D type game based in this same world. If you're interested in playing it with me on a separate podcast  or just in general shoot me a message. Go easy on me though, I'm still a bit of a paper and pen rpg noob.

    Edit 5/16/15: I've added a new character. Her name is Mary and she's Ronnie's Dream, like Jin is Eloise's Dream.

    Edit 5/22/15: I've added some Dream Eater characters to the mix. They are the main villains who will be trying to devour Jin as well as other dreams during Eloise's journey. Btw, I will probably end up adding more characters later on after the deadline. Like in a new casting call or something.

    About the Creator: moonv

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold