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    About Dragonball Lost Wonderer

    Alright so to cut it short I had a pretty nice idea to bring my manga renditions reboot into a cinematic type of thing by using Xenoverse 2 gameplay as well as cutscenes to make my own oroginal creation come to life.

    Essentially this is a DBZ project so yet it would need you to possibly be up for doing a little screaming and shouting but don't expect that very often. This will be a short-mid in length and will be done as a weekly thing so episode a week (if possible) and if not then episodes will be recorded whenever possible. What I would like to do is have these as 10-15 minute videos per episode so that they're long enough to enjoy but not too long to the point of an actual anime episode being that of 25 minutes.

    What I need are dedicated actors who would like to do minor to major roles or even add ideas as the storys reboot is currently in development. I want you all to feel as though the character is your own and as such I'm not going to be specific in most cases for what I want to hear from the characters voices. I want you to bring the character to life in your own image and then express that throughout my story. The deadline will be October 28th as that's when the game will release and from that time I will be extremely busy managing my youtube account which you are also free to contact me on ( https://www.youtube.com/user/MugiwarasWorld ) at anytime.

    If you are succesful then I will PM you to let you know how we'll be getting this project done for recordings as well as give you my skype so you can get your lines for that episode. I want this project to have a lot of communication between everyone as a group as I'd like to hear your ideas and feedback on maybe even changes you'd like to make. Sadly I can't give you character visuals but I will do my best to describe how I would like them to look and what feel I'd like you to give to them.

    The project itself will no start for maybe 1-2 months after October but we will be doing early recordings and takes prior to that.

    Throughout the series you may notice me using similar things from other anime and that's because I'm paying a sort of homage to them for their inspiration.

    The setting is a world where battle and fighting have become more of a sport for people to watch and the characters are all slaves who have escaped after many years of battling and fighting only to be thrown into this new world after falling through a crack in the univers that suddenly appeared before them. They have seen and lost many and now are forced to fight for amusement. The world they're in seems peaceful but holds a dark secret. The main characters decide to join in these battles and become what are known as Time Patrollers to try and find their way home to save their world.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold