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    About Dragon Tamer From The City - Original Anime

    Details and story still need refining and small adjustments but are almost finished. To view the progress we are making, visit:

    Special Thanks to Destti. He did the music, go show your love.



    Overarching Story

    Ryuji always saw himself as a normal fifteen from Japan. One day, he receives a mysterious letter signed by someone named "N". "N" sends to Ryuji to the world of Dridan, saying he has a job to fulfill and to rise against King Star. After being chased out of the Kingdom of Urbastella, Ryuji makes shelter in a nearby forest where he has food and phone with no internet. One morning he hears a scream and sees a dragon chasing a woman for food. He runs up to the dragon stop it and hands it a piece of fish. The dragon is shocked at Ryuji’s courage and stalks him for his food collection. Neora later wants Ryuji to help him find and destroy the Elemental Orbs to restore power to all dragon kind.

    World of Dridan

    In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness and the presence of five entities. A mysterious disturbance gave these entities the key elements for the creation of a new world. The elements were mindless and without conscious thought. However, in a single moment, the elements unleashed unbelievably strong power and in the midst of the chaos, a new entity was formed, an entity that consumes darkness. Unlike the other elements, this element was aware of its decisions and possessed Godlike capabilities. The entity gave itself a form of a dragon. His name was Baku. Baku created the world of Dridan, a flat but peaceful world. Baku looked through other dimensions and wanted to correct the way life functioned on Earth. He saw how humans functioned so poorly and created his own. He made humans of different races as well as dragons of different species. He gave form and thought to the elements that created him. He created the kingdom of Urbastella to one day be the peek of human growth. He gave himself a human form and became King of Urbastella to wear he still rules to this day. However, he cared only for the kingdom of Urbastella and let other nations starve. He blamed famine and death on dragons. King Star used propaganda to start a war against his own kind but the humans just thought he was a king, not a dragon. The elemental dragons began to see their creation as a threat and came together to create a dragon that consumes light, the unnamed dragon is responsible for sealing away the power of King Star in the elemental orbs. However, without the orbs, the king grows old. The unnamed dragon is never seen again.

    Elemental Orb’s Story

    15 years before Ryuji’s arrival, there was an eclipse that stripped away the power of all dragons except for the Five Protectors, the original five dragons created by King Star who live to protect the orbs. During the eclipse five powerful elemental orbs came down from the sky, these elements being: Ignisel (Fire), Aquan(water), Glacies(Ice), Tonotrus(Thunder), and Terran(Ground). To restore a dragon element, one must locate an elemental orb and destroy it.

    Ryuji's Backstory

    Ryuji always saw himself as a normal fifteen-year-old from Japan. One day, he receives a mysterious letter signed by someone named "M". He shrugs off the letter thinking of it as spam and is transported into the World, Dridan. He later meets Neora. After his second day in Dridan, he no longer believes he's in a dream and documents the experience on his phone.

    Neora’s Backstory

    Neptunis Minonim is a rare ice dragon species of the B class, Before Ryuji's arrival, Neptunis lost most of his memories. One morning this dragon was chasing a girl (Sarah Reinheart) for food and met Ryuji. Neptunis ask Ryuji to return power to dragons by destroying the orbs. When meeting Ryuji we learn he lost most of his memory the day of his arrival.

    After getting to know to Ryuji, Ryuji decides to give him the nickname Neora.

    Dragon Logic

    Dragons are separated into Type, species, sizes, and then classes. Dragons always have characteristics that change their class (i.e.: rarity, strength, size, speed, intelligence, and firepower). 

    Ex: Neora-

    • Type: Glacies
    • Class: B
    • Species: Neptunis
    • Size: Minonim (Small)

    Neptunis Minonim, a rare dragon. What this dragon lacks in size and strength, greatly makes up for it in speed, intelligence, and firepower. It's powerful ice attacks leave enemies frozen when striking from the sky or trees during a solo ambush. 

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