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    About Dragon Tamer From The City - Original Anime [Team Members Needed]

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    Music (Not Final):

     "Let There Be Light" By Masketta Fall


     Shay-Ki Fullalove And Minty - Neora

    Justin Nelson - Ryuji

    Euna - Sarah

    Simone Mountain - Myris 


     Sean Engel 


    Sean Engel 





     Background Artist: 

    Sean Engel 



    Sean Engel 

    NOT Lace 


    Main Story

    Long ago there was only three realms consisting of light, darkness, and in between, a silver lining. All of these realms had a direct connection with five different elements: Fire, Ice, Water, Ground, and Electricity. The realm of light, also known as Dridan was created by an entity named Mino (Named after the Minokawa of Philippine legend). Dridan was once a world where dragons and humans coexisted without war. However far off in the dark realm a beast named Baku (Named after the Bakunawa) focused on destruction. He was fascinated by humans and their ability to destroy anything from nations to themselves. He believed that combining dragons with human consciousness could create beings of pure destruction with no limits. He started with himself, then his children. This gave him and his kids human forms however, his two children failed to possess the five elements. One day he discovered Dridan and heard of Mino. He saw a world full of humans and dragons ready to be experimented on. So he attacked Dridan single-handedly. In a moment of desperation, Mino sealed away the power of all dragons, including herself, so that Baku couldn't continue his plan. Mino was captured and Baku, now known as King Star, ruled over a new kingdom he created called Urbastella. King Star copied his own dragon conciousness and put Mino was one day set free by a little boy, fearful on what Star would do to the kid she sent him far away using the last of her dragon abilities. 

    Ryuji always saw himself as a normal fifteen year old from Japan. One day, he receives a mysterious letter signed by someone named "M". "M" sends to Ryuji to the world of Dridan, saying he has a job to fulfill and to rise against King Star. After being chased out of the Kingdom of Urbastella. Ryuji meets new friends each with their own stories. Neora, a small blue dragon that ran away from home. Sarah, a mysterious girl who rescues Ryuji from being captured upon arrival. The group travels the world of Dridan to destroy orbs that seal away the elemental power of all dragons.

    Elemental Orbs:

    The elemental orbs are the only thing blocking power from entering Dridan. All dragons, except for the Orb Protectors and dragons born outside of Dridan have the ability to access the power of the elements. This means only the protectors, Star, and his two children have elemental abilities. The orbs seal away incredible power, if anyone except for Ryuji were to attempt to break an orb they will experience intense injury or even death.

    Side Story:

    As the seals are gradually broken Star takes this opportunity to build his corrupted dragon army. He leads his human military to capture dragons of certain types to make modified, mindless killing machines. After Ryuji meets Elizabeth and her father, Merek, they work to free captured dragons from the military before the dragons get to Star. These dragons stay in a developing village accepting of dragons and form a resistance led by Elizabeth. These parts of the story will sometimes include different characters from the main group.

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