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    About Downfall (An Overwatch Fan Story)

    Hello, I have written a long fan story of Overwatch in the style of a film script/ screenplay. So I thought it'd be cool to cast some voice actors for it. For those who can do great voice impressions of these characters as well as act. I'm thinking of doing an audio and animatics type of story, where I would insert some sound effects, maybe music. :)

    Here is the summary of the story: 

    An enemy of Overwatch was apprehended. But when Gabriel met her for an interrogation, he reunites with an image of his past, leading towards a few questionable decisions.

    The total pages of the entire thing is 130 pages (yes very long, so almost like a feature length film haha) but I'd like to do this part by part, slowly but surely. So I have no definite deadline at all. If you're interested and you love Overwatch, or if you just want to give voice acting a try, come and audition. I am also interested in voice acting so I might be doing one of the characters. :)

    There's not many characters in here. I will be putting the list here below:

    GABRIEL REYES (REAPER) - Snarky. Constantly goes against the system. Has a misplaced good heart. Commander of the Blackwatch team under Overwatch.

    JACK MORRISON (SOLDIER 76) - Plays by the rules. Stern. Responsible. Constantly covers for Gabriel. Commander of Overwatch.

    SOPHIA (OC) - Quiet. Young. Personal. Curious. A (former) member of Talon.

    ANGELA ZIEGLER (MERCY) - Caring. Gentle. But secretly has a sarcastic sense of humour. Head of the Medical Team of Overwatch.

    LENA OXTON (TRACER) - Lively. Energetic. Friendly. Member of the Overwatch Team.

    MOIRA O'DEORAIN (MOIRA) - Elegant. Cold. Ambitious. Former Blackwatch, now in Talon.

    AKANDE OGUNDIMU (DOOMFIST) - Strong. Firm in his beliefs. Cooperative. Talon Council member.

    ROZ (OC) - Straightforward. Cynical. Friendly. Formerly worked for Overwatch.

    Some MINOR male roles.

    [EDIT]: I apologize! I realized Akande's lines I wrote in were exactly the same as Moira's. I have changed it so anyone up to auditioning for his role, feel free to do so! He has one scene only, but he has several lines in it.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold