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About "Don't Be Bashful" Series Crew **BETA READERS WANTED, 18+**

A while back, I wrote (or otherwise outlined) a series of dramatic suspense/romance novels and associated short stories. I also put up a casting call to turn the series into a set of audiobooks, but multiple attempted rewrites on my end halted production.

I'd like to return to the series, to perfect it and complete it, then finally finish the audiobooks, but there are various issues preventing me from doing so. I'm rather busy with other projects, so I've been neglecting this. It takes me a long time to figure out how to make a chapter better, and even then, I worry it's not up to snuff.

What I need is some help: people to help me rewrite these stories and/or to give me tips, like what details I should add/remove, if I should change something to make the story more interesting, to point out any potential plotholes or dangling plot-threads, and to help with the overall formatting. Stuff like that. The end goal is to combine all of the stories into one big novel and release it as a paperback, then to advance with audiobook production.


Cameron Fenn is a handsome and charming independent horror novelist. He's also a serial killer and likely a psychopath. With his father's money to back him up, he feels like he can get away with murdering to his heart's content. He does whatever he wants to whomever he wants, without guilt or remorse to hold him back.

Max Aleshire is an anti-social digital artist who feels unwelcome in America. More than anything, he wants to belong, but can't figure out where. Australia's part of his past, but no one in Boston does more than tolerate him. After getting dumped on New Year's Eve, his reclusive nature has only intensified.

When these two meet in a random Omegle chat, they don't realize the fatal chain of events fate has catalyzed. Happiness comes at a high cost, and while Max might have tears to shed, Cameron has blood. Blood that might wind up on both of their hands instead of his alone . . .

A series of suspenseful romance novellas by Noëlle McHenry, featuring two men whose lives intertwine for better or for worse.


* Before offering to help, keep in mind that these stories contain lots of explicit (homosexual) content and graphic violence, among other things! If you're not comfortable beta-reading dubious-content sex scenes like that, please don't audition!

* You must be able to contact me via e-mail!

* I reserve the right to reject suggested changes if they don't sit well with me and what I want for the series.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold