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    About (Completed) Dokidoki Pretty Cure!!

    Doki Doki Precure (Pretty Cure) is about four (five) girls who are trying to revive the Card Kingdom from the destruction that has happened to it do to King Selfishness. They transform with there Cure Lovelies and fight off the Selfishness.

    (Cure Diamond has been taken by me so she will not appear on the character roster) 

    Rules to be eligible for casting:

    Must have discord!

    Be active for this project. (If you aren't active and you have a role I'll uncast you)

    The first episode will be made in I say two weeks. So make sure if you are casted you get your lines in on time!

    Be flexible when the audio editor or me asks you to redo your lines again.


    IF YOU AUDITION PLEASE KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT PRETTY CURE. (Or know nothing about it. But if your casted for a role I do suspect you to watch the sub version so you can get to know your character more.) (It helps a lot when a person knows something about the show. And no Glitter Force does not count)

    This project will cover the Japanese show and all of the episodes Glitter Force left and skipped out on. So its better if you come in knowing something about the Sub Version of Dokidoki Precure instead of Glitter Force. (I'll leave a trivia question on each character to see if you have some common base knowledge on the sub version of pretty cure. Getting it wrong won't hurt your audition of course. xD)

    I'll be putting down feedback on each audition. Stating if you got the role. Have been rejected sadly or I see you as being this character.

    Audition for as many roles as you like. Not all characters will have trivia questions

    Once you are casted I'll give you the link to the Dokidoki Precure Server!

    I'll be adding characters to this project page as they appear in each episode we fandub. So if your looking for I say Regina or Cure Ace you'll have to wait. The characters in the roster will appear in chronological order. Starting with the characters who appear in episode 1 in the beginning at the top of the casting call page and the later characters appearing below them on this page.

    UPDATE(!) The following characters with YouTube next to them will be the ones being uploaded on YouTube. We are looking for Cure Ace, Cure Heart, and Lance mostly. So audition for them if you like. 

    The other roles are essential for us to start our first episode off! The link to the video shows how much progress we've made on our group transformation. Thanks for auditioning and I look forward to working with you. (Angel18)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold