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About Doctor Who: The Lost Stories - Century House

"The Tenth Doctor returns in a New Adventure! ALLONS-Y!"

Due to the successful response of our Debut Twelfth Doctor Audio Drama, 'Doctor Who: The Last Days Before Dawn', we've decided to start a brand new range of Doctor Who Stories, inspired by Big Finish Productions. Featuring many of the previous Doctors.

In the Noble Household, Donna has decided to give time travel a break for a quiet night in with her family. She, Wilf and Sylvia switch on the television to tune into Most Haunted and who do they see? That loveable Time Traveller, The Doctor joining forces with Yvette Fielding and The Most Haunted team for a live television episode while they investigate the mysterious and derelict Hell’s Hall, otherwise known as Century House. Their mission, to discover the famous resident ghost, The Red Widow. Trapped within the house, The Doctor and Yvette soon discovers that there is more than meets the eye in this house. This is The Red Widow’s prison and the team must seek her out before she breaks free to unleash chaos across the universe. This will prove to be their most challenging case yet, . Will they survive the night?

Ashley Gregory (Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures) pens a chilling and suspenseful thriller based on a Lost Episode Concept by Tom MacRae (Rise Of The Cybermen and The Age Of Steel) originally intended for the Official Fourth Series of BBC's Doctor Who; starring David Tennant.

We feel very privileged and proud to announce that Elliot Crossley; Talented YouTuber and famous David Tennant Impersonator shall be joining VocaLAB Productions to provide the voice of The Tenth Doctor. Therefore, the role of The Doctor has already been cast.

The Final Product will be one singular episode, lasting  60 minutes. Once completed, it will uploaded and streamed on our YouTube, Soundcloud and Facebook Page for all audiences to listen and share.

*Please note, if you choose to participate within this production, please make sure you have clear and crisp recording equipment. Also there shall be no financial profit. To abide by the rules of copyright infringement, no profit is allowed to be earned or spent on this production. It will be solely funded on passion and talent.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold