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About Doctor Who: The Four Doctors, Titan Comics Adaptation

The Titan Comics line for Doctor Who has been ongoing for years since their purchase back in 2014. Among the many story arcs they have given us, and of the many multi-doctor crossovers, not many have compared to The Four Doctors. A meeting between Doctors 10, 11, 12, and... a surprise appearance. All teaming up, with their respective companions, to save the timeline that they themselves have corrupted by said meet up, but orchestrated behind the scenes by a hidden figure. Now they must go through several timelines, fighting off and running from the Reapers, inter dimensional beings that are made to fix these corruptions in the timeline, and The Doctors must figure out who it was that orchestrated the said paradox in the first place, with the only clue to all routes pointing towards a single photograph. Together, The Doctors must fix it themselves before the Reapers get rid of the cause of the corruption (being the Doctors themselves), the mastermind gets away, and the Universe is destroyed by  a 'single decision'.

In this project, I will not be changing anything to the story, I will just simply be adapting the comic into audio form. Using the casted Impressionists for the characters, we will simply add on to the experience by allowing an audio that you can listen to alongside reading the comics. You can hear what is going on with the audio provided by this project, whilst seeing what is going on through the visuals provided to you by Titan Comics.

Project will be posted on YouTube & SoundCloud.

DEADLINE SET: November 15th, 2019

About the Creator: MikhaelOFtheSenn

Just a bunch of Doctor Who fans who want to save the legacy of the program and tell their own interesting stories / share their own artistic value and talents in the process. You can join if you wish, as you would be welcomed!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold