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Firefly's Previously Completed Works

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About Discovering Tempest - [CLOSED]

A girl, Tempest has unfortunately lost her mother to Cancer. She was

eighteen at the time of her mothers passing. She lost all of hermothers belongings and she lost all of her own. Because she was eighteen and too old to be put in foster care, she was forced to be homeless and live on the streets. Tempest has been homeless for over seven months when she stumbles upon some extra cash. She

sees yearning kid wanting a cookie after his mother said no, so tempest buys him the cookie. After this, the mother and her boyfriend get angry and beat Tempest up calling her a bum”  and explaining that she is trash.” Beaten, bruised, anunconsciousTempest lays on the floor of a Shell gas station when two very close friends, Jackson and Faye, run up and see Tempest on the floor. They take her back to their house and nurse her back to health. She explains her situation and they explain that they go to an arts academy and that is How they are paying for the house. Tempest meets Ryker. A female to male transgender who doesnt speak much of his past but has a love for theatre Arts. They become friends. Tempest also meets Wolfe. Wolfe is a male who is hard and toughened on the outside. He is not friendly to Tempest at all and Tempest loathes him.

Meanwhile, at a house a bit farther away, there is a family full of wealth. They are rich. George, the owner of the house, is setting out to find his daughter who he lost all record of so that he can give her his estate and wealth when he passes on. His wife, Catherine, does not want him to find his daughter because she wants the estate passed down to her daughter. She hires a guy, Jessie, to go and find his daughter and make sure she stays

away, out of public record, or if all else fails, to make sure she dies. Jessie ends up meeting Tempest and he falls for her. But she is hesitant about him and what he wants with her. 

This is a series with several twists, turns, and moments that will makyour jaw drop and say I never saw this coming.” Discovering Tempest is a roller coaster of emotions. Expect the unexpected.


1. You must be willing to get lines in on time. This series will have quicker deadlines than my other ones, so remember, getting lines in is very important. I will be strict with this series and if you
don’t get your lines in by the deadline or email me prior to the deadline asking for an extension, you will be replaced immediately. Without a warning. (I send reminders prior to deadlines) This is a series, which means it can take up to a year for full completion. Make sure you're dedicated.

2. Have a clear microphone. (For your audition, if there is a bit of  static because of the fan and stuff, just explain that to me. It’s really hot so I understand a lot of us may need cooling, even when auditioning.)

3. Be friendly with a good attitude. I want people who care about the series and who have a great and positive attitude throughout the series. I don’t want to cast robots who turn in the lines and forget about the series afterwards until the next deadline.

4. You must be willing to do lines with three takes each line. I can’t handle auditions / lines that only give me one take. It doesn’t show me range or expression. Don’t worry about having a long
audition. I don’t mind.

5. Must be willing to be in a skype chat. I’m making a skype chat for this series for updates and so on, so please, make sure you’re okay with that.

6. Communicate with me. That is a very important one. If you don’t communicate when something’s wrong, I’ll never know if you’re okay. So if somethings going on in life, if you’re down or extremely busy, let me know! I will
accommodateyour line schedule differently if I know you have a lot going on. But communicate. If I’m in the dark, I can’t help.

7. Have fun! I care about each and every voice actor I cast. So I just want you to have fun and get to know your character the best you can. 

8. There is cussing, so you have to be okay with cussing. Every character cusses.

If you want to see more of my works or other projects my youtube channel is here: http://youtube.com/ewitsjanelle

I have posted the casting call video below. Thank you again and I hope to work with you. 

About the Creator: Firefly

My name is Raven and I'm a sims 2 director and voice actress. I am experienced on both sides of the machinima process. I hope to work with you someday. If I work with you, I prefer to be credited as Firefly or RavenFirefly. Not Whitefeather. This was my old youtube name. xx

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold