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About Digimon All Mega Digivolutions (Recasting 2M)

Update: I have reopened casting for Vikemon and HerculesKabuterimon as I have tried to keep in contact with voice actors but things have happened. Short deadline because it's not a long script.

As a big Digimon fan, this project is a must. I doubt this will ever be in english considering there’s low chances for the game being localized. So yeah. Out of dub spirit, we will be using english names and close to english voices for the Digimon who have one.

Clip Information

All eight of the Chosen Children/Digidestined Digimon need to digivolve to Mega!


1. Be nice, just obviously. I really don't know how many people will audition for this project, but no matter what I would rather not have bicker over who gets a role or not.

2. Have fun with your audition.

3.Please note auditions are being hosted on the VAA, BTVA, the CCC, and youtube to get as many auditions as possible.

4. Please send your audition in .mp3 format.

5. Please try to fit the voice range of your character. For the Digimon that have been voice in the english dub, I would love for you to match it. For those that don’t have an english voice, it’s your interpretation, I’ll just give a guideline. Along with that, please please PLEASE show emotion. I cannot stress this enough.

6. Everyone is open. No precastings here. If I don’t get all of the roles I need, I will be scouting.

7. No background noises. I do not mean that white static stuff by this. But I mean people talking in the background, background noises, ect.

8. White static is fine. Try to keep it to a minimum as much as you can. If you can't, I can try and see if it works. I don't want to deal with it at all, but I would like to have as many people as I can to try out.

9. Auditions end May 23, 2015 at 12:00 AM PST.

10. Please post auditions here.

11. Want feedback? Feel free to tell me. I'll give you feedback once auditions are over and you'll have extended time to send in a reaudition.


About the Creator: sakura10594

I'm Sakura10594, but you can call me Ash. I just do voice acting as a hobby and don't think I'm the best at it, but I keep trying! Currently, I'm working on things for our voice acting studio, so right now I'm focusing more on producing projects then voice acting. (Though I do want to try and get back in!)

Otherwise, I'm a 26-year-old plain female who cashiers so that she can get her bills and school loans paid off. Outside of voice acting, I like to cosplay (my main hobby), write fanfiction, and of course watch anime and play video games. I watch any genre but I always seem to gravitate to Magical Girls, slice of life, lgbt+, death games, and supernatural stuff.

I also head a voice acting studio myself! We hold open auditions on many platforms for clips and full fandubs and put out our own projects. Check it out! 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold