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About Difference GLMM

This is a story about a 15 year old High school student who is transgender, it shows her journey and what she has to go through. She suffers bullying from 3 of the 6 people she told about her being trans. When she is fed up she finally takes and stand and comes out. She explains how hard it is being transgender and changes many perspectives.


-must have good sound quality with minimal background noise.                                                         -Must include their email with the audition so I can email the script if they get chosen.                              

( Disclaimer!! If you are serious about this and you are expecting it to blow up, please don’t get your hopes up. This GLMM is for fun and if it turns out well I’ll post it.)


Nejire Yamado

15 yrs


Likes: Pork Cutlet Bowls, Electronic music and My Hero Academia.

Gender: (Transgender Male-Female)

A very optimistic character who is always up for a challenge, she avoids being mean but loves some drama. Her voice is medium, more too the low side though. Her voice always has a slight tease to it and is fun to play with. She is also transgender so her voice should be less feminine then usual.

Lance Bridges

15 yrs


Likes: Conen Gray and Why don’t we

Gender: Male

A very enthusiastic character, he is kind and is accepting of his trans best friend who he has a crush on. His voice is higher than most masculine voices and is always kind and reassuring. He loves trying to make puns to put a smile on others' faces.

Katie Hanson

15 yrs


Likes: Skating, skateboarding and music.

Gender: Female

She is a very unique character, she seems to be quite “girly” but when you get to know her she is not to feminine, she has a very plain sarcastic voice and is also one of Nejire’s friends. She may seem rude but she does have a fun side.

Julia Lawson

15 yrs


Likes: Fashion

Gender: Female

She doesn’t accept the LGBTQ= community and spreads rumours about Nejire. She loves drama and is a total gossip, she is very “girly” and is the typical mean girl, she acts like the head of the school and although she may be a bad character she later changes to be a better person, her voice is medium and sarcastic and mean.

Keith Roberts

15 yrs


Likes: Emo music.

Gender: Male

He is a good person but is stuck dating Julia, he tries to stop Julia from being rude but can’t. He supports the LGBTQ+ community and becomes good friends with Nejire. After breaking up with Julia he then falls for Katie. His voice is the same as Lances.

Side Roles:

William Toshinori

15 yrs


Gender: Male

Likes: Fancy Cheeses

He is best friends with Julia and is just as bad as her. I would like it if the voice actor could give him a british accent but if not that is fine. When his two best friends Julia and Chloe stop bullying he despises them and keeps up his terrible ways. His voice is medium and quite rude.

Chloe Olsen

15 yrs


Gender: Female

She is best friends with Julia and William, she honestly hates bullying others but is forced to by her childhood friend Julia. When Julia and William aren’t watching she is very nice and caring to everyone around her. Her voice is quite high pitched and she stutters quite often. She tries her best to be kind but when she is forced to she is mean.

Miss Kennedy

31 yrs


Gender: Female

Likes: Passion, enthusiasm and physical education.

She is the sport teacher and has a medium voice, she sounds very encouraging and is nice to all her students.

Miss Miles

34 yrs


Gender: Female

Likes: School

She is the English and Maths and Science teacher, she is quite strict but has a soft side. Her voice is medium pitched and tries her best to make her students succeed.


(These characters will have 1-2 lines)

Female #1

She is just a student passing in the halls

Female #2

She is just a student passing in the halls

Male #1

He is just a student passing in the halls

Male #2

He is just a student passing in the halls    

About the Creator: -LonersClub-

I’m an Australian GachaTuber who loves music and animation. I started my channel early January 2020, it hasn’t grown too much but it would be amazing if It did. My aim is to make small videos about real life problems.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold