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Chanda's Previously Completed Works

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    About Devil's Markings

    Yardrill used to be home to the Akeens, known for their magic and science, but also their warrior like instincts. One day, the Princess was born, but she was different from other Akeens. The High Priestess called her an Ingad. A new breed of Akeens. Second Ingad to come was the Princess' brother. This roared through the country and King Guilen was forced to name the Princess, future Queen of Yardrill. After seventeen years have passed, a coronation was held for the Princess to become Queen. However, Queen Suisen made it known to the Princess that she was in fact, her lover, Dunir's daughter and not Guilen's. Overhearing the conversation, Guilen grew mad and began slaughtering the people at the coronation. He needed to quiet any and all people from ever knowing of his daughter's coronation. He sent soldiers after the Princess and personally killing the Queen. The Princess fled with Hunzta, Dunir's son and her real brother. They didn't escape for long and Hunzta was fatally wounded. He gave her a parting gift of sleep magic that sent her into a deep sleep for centuries. Waking up in a new era, the Princess finds herself accepted into an all Ingad school. Ingads have evolved more thoroughly and the Princess is considered an Akeen for her ears even though she is the true Ingad. Struggling through the first CO-ED school, can she survive her bullies and tormentors while also trying to convince Ingads of co-existence?

    Hi and thank you for coming by Devil's Markings. This is a visual novel in the making. It is taking awhile therefore I need people on board who are willing to stay on board. This is a long term project. Above is the synopsis to the visual novel. It is an otome game. Otome Games translated as Maiden Love Games are where the heroine chooses from different lovers and her choices influence the 'love meter.' 

    What I'm Looking For in a Voice Actor/Actress:

    • Has discord
    • Sends in lines on time
    • Will stay the whole project

    What I'm Looking For in an Animator:

    • Has discord
    • Sends in a demo for each animation I ask for
    • Op is similar to that of No Thank You

    Roles that need filling in:





    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold