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Meep Heart's Previously Completed Works

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    About Blood Hunters

    Blood Hunters is a murder mystery series. The story revolves around Sienna, a bright optimistic girl. there was a murder at her school, so she and her friends try and solve who it murdered Hazel. But what if the murder is someone who they trust...

    This series will obviously contain some gore, so if you getting scared or triggered by that, I don’t recommend auditioning. there will be some references to overdose, suicide and other ways to die (im doing research uwu)

    Characters are NOT in order of significance. You just need to read about the information given to each character.


    - Have a decent quality mic

    - be at leas 13 years old. this is for maturity reasons.

    - as this is a movie, once the script is released, you'll have 1 week to hand in all lines. 

    - you MUST have discord. i wont except anyone who doesnt. this is how i'll contact you

    if you have any questions, you can dm on discord ( Freak 100#8534) 

    About the Creator: MeepHeart


    Hello. My name is Meep  and I really enjoy voice acting. I really like drawing, singing, studio Ghibli, minecraft role play, gacha life and pastel colours >w<. i've been singing from a young age and have written several songs, some of which have been posted on my youtube channel. Voice acting is a huge passion of mine which i hope i can pursue into a career

    Contact me at:
    Discord: Freak 100#8534
    YouTube: Mēep Heärt 
    Instagram: Meep_Heart
    Casting Call Club: Meep Heart

    How I prioritise projects:
    - Friends/Idol’s projects - might be a biased but working with friends and people who I look up to is just the best. This also included if they’re in the project, not if they just made it.

    - Original Ideas - This is really important. I will not join at all if the plot is overused and unoriginal. Make sure the plot is interesting my dude.

    - High Recognition Projects - I’m probably not good enough for that yet, but yeah I will prioritise stuff that’ll get me out there.

    - Others - Others include fan dubs, music videos and other things. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you think your project falls into Others, I will still consider it. 

    I don’t do NSFW content, so don’t ever ask me. 

    I will swear to some degree in projects. 

    Projects (completed):

    Projects (unrealeased):
    - Perri | Rosewood High
    - Eva | Its Reality
    - Vanilla | Secrets Revealed
    - Memory | Abnormal Sancutary
    - Rosalina | The Siblings War
    - Annika Rawlins | The Golden Six
    - Alyssa | Step-Sisters
    - Allisa Brookers | The Trident
    - Veronica | Sing or Die
    - Bliss | Fear No More
    - Lilas | Emilys Secret
    - Penelope | Emilys Lie
    - Gabriella | Isolated
    - Starlight | Starlight
    -Joelle | Destiny Breaker
    - The Madmoiselle | Western Bride 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold