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Snorlax's Previously Completed Works

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About Decipher | A Minecraft Roleplay

Over a century ago, there was a time when humans and Gods co-existed along with one another. One eventful day the Gods have decided to leave the human realm, and return to the spiritual plain. Before the Gods left, they gifted certain humans with the power of Divinity. Divinity gave humans powers like the Gods, however, the God of trickery who is known as Dolos, wasn’t pleased with the idea of having humans possess these powers comparable to the Gods. So Dolos tricked the non Divinity users and told them that Divinity was a mistake and to be in the favor of the Gods, they must kill or imprison all Divinity users which started the Divinity war. The war lasted over 3 decades and the results were horrific. Most divinity users were imprisoned and the rest were killed in a brutal battle to the death. A century has passed since the Divinity war and a new group of people have rose up to fight against the tyrant rule of the government. Will they have what it takes to change history? Or will history repeat itself? 

~~Rules for Voice Actors~~

1. Must have a good quality microphone! (No Static or Constant Background Noise) (Exceptions Can be made)

2. Please be professional about this, If you see something or get something you don't like. Be mature about it.

3. If there is someone in the group that you have problems with or drama with. Please ignore that person as much as you can and be mature about work even if the other person is not. If they continue to do something that bothers you message US about it.

4. Must have DISCORD!!!

5. Be able to fit DEADLINES 

6. If you're casted as a character (or something else) DO NOT leak any information you get in the private discord server!

7. Make sure you put your discord into your audition so we can contact you!

About the Creator: Snorlax

discord is boardie#5409

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold