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Dante Fettman's Previously Completed Works

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About (CLOSED) Deathsong Brotherhood - A project Revival (FALLOUT NEW VEGAS)



The trailer above is very old and  is currently a placeholder. Somebody is currently doing a new trailer for the mod.

"The Deathsong Brotherhood is an adventure mod that adds an assassins guild to New Vegas. 10+ New Quests, 15+ Fully Voiced Characters, 2 New Vendors, 2+ hours of game play, custom meshes, textures, areas, armors, weapons, and huge underground facility...

This mod is ambitious to say the least, it adds a new faction, it adds new armors, new weapons, new insanely long quest lines... lots of quest lines, 20+ new fully written characters, New areas, A new Radio Station that uses all old public domain recordings and a few tracks by the amazing New York artist Bliss Blood who gave me permission to use her music, there is a new player home that can be fast traveled to and from, there is even a cut-scene.
There is a lot of new stuff in this mod. That being said, the only person to ever work on this mod for years was me, in my insanely limited spare time. Long story short, this mod is not finished... I repeat, NOT FINISHED, It is a work in progress. I fear I will never have time to actually finish it to the degree that I feel it deserves but we shall see. I'm still working on it and I hope to finish it sometime. That will speed up a lot if I can get a team of people together to help with it.

There are a few reasons that I released this mod in it's unfinished state.

1) I put years of work into this, and it killed me to know that no one would ever get to see it. Not to toot my own horn. But I know it's a good mod. Content-wise it borders a DLC, It certainly has it's bugs, and the story-line isn't complete, but there is still an amazing amount of awesome content here.

2) And this is the real reason. I wanted see this finished, and I was hoping beyond hope that some of the awesome modders here at the nexus
(The site it was/will be released on) would take an interest in this mod and help me complete it. Besides a small group of talented modders help make it 100x better. "


Due to real life and focus on his new game, Joshua Lowe had to abandon this project indefinitely. He has no plans on continuing development of this mod, and has such made the whole project an open resource to anybody that is willing to take up the torch and see this mod to completion.


I always felt that this mod was something special, as it was in development for 4 years. When I read the final progress update on this project stating that the mod is canceled for the indefinite future, I was saddened. Not just because of the mod itself, but also because I know this project really meant something to Joshua Lowe.

So, I decided to pick up the torch Joshua left for any opportunistic modders, and have reworked it from the ground up. I fixed several bugs, rewrote several lines of dialogue, and have reworked certain story elements to better fit the scope of Josua's vision, while also taking personal liberties.


I am looking for 10+ actors who are willing to bring the cast of Deathsong Brotherhood to life. The cast is wide and varied, and will need a strong cast of voice actors to deliver the lines.

The original voice cast for Deathsong: Brotherhood was really just a few volunteers and the mod author himself. I hope to find new voice actors who are willing and confident in their abilities to give these characters a new voice.

I am not super picky about microphone quality, but would prefer if the mic being used is at least around the range of a Blue Yeti.


As of right now? This Casting Call will be non-profit due to current life situations.  But... in the near future (which is a few months by now),  if I get back into good financial graces, I will make this a paid Casting Call. Payments will be sent in full on the very day you're cast for a role. I would strongly prefer using Paypal as a means of transaction, but if otherwise, we can discuss alternate ways of payments. If you prefer being paid afterwards, we can arrange that as well. 

UPDATE 7/72019: I would like to clarify that I have the funds for this project.  There shouldn't be any worries about being swindled on payment once you're cast. Once you're cast on the deadline, I'll pay you upfront for your services. If you would like to be paid after you give in your lines, we can arrange that too.


If you are cast for a role, you will receive a script through Gmail or Discord (I prefer Discord since we would communicate better) with recording instructions, deadline, accent specifications, character bios, and line directions. If you want to discuss alternate ways of communication, we can do that through CCC DMs.

For all characters, I expect lines to be sent back following the correct organization.

You should be recording through an audio recording software like Audacity or Adobe Audition. You should export and submit your audition as a .wav audio file with the settings of 44.1 kHz, 16 bits, and mono recording format.

I will open more roles over time. If you are not cast for a role, don't be discouraged to audition for another one. If you're already cast for a role and want to audition for another one - you can do so.

JULY 21, 2019.

Thank you for your time and I hope to work with you!

   - Dantefettman

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold