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About Dear Evan Hansen - A Genderbent Musical (Male Singers Needed!)

Hey, everyone! My name is Mint Monster VA, or MMVA for short, and I am the Co-Director for a developing online team which will be known as: “V.Musical-Subs”. V.Musical-Subs is a team of teenage/young adult singers who wish to tell a unique story from already existing musicals in hope to have a good time and to boost the musical’s fame.

V.Musical-Subs is proud to announce that we are soon to start holding auditions for our side-project, the gender-swapped version of the musical “Dear Evan Hansen”. We are currently looking for 4 gentlemen to lend us a hand with their voices!

The following are the guidelines that you must follow/understand before you even plan on auditioning for the project:

  1. We will be covering the ENTIRE musical. Not just one or two songs. This will require commitment- and a lot of it. The moment you submit your audio and visuals, you cannot back out of the project until Act 2 for the sake of consistency.

  2. No- you didn’t read that wrong. You will also be providing visuals for this musical- visuals, as in your upper body from the waist up. They will be formatted in a similar style like this. Do not feel embarrassed or ashamed about how you look- this musical is about social anxiety after all! If you’ve been through something, then show it off. Let your face tell your story! (Of course, if those involved in the project do not wish to reveal their faces, then the project will be animatics instead.)

  3. We will be using Skype as our main sense of communication. Communication, by the way, is a very important part of this project. If you get a part in the musical and you are having troubles, please come to the director or me for help! We know how we want you to sound and we know how we can help you. But if you keep quiet, then how will the project move forward? I can promise you that the director and I are good people and if the director seems intimidating, that’s normal. Just please… Talk with us if necessary.

  4. If you plan to audition and become a part of this project, we request that you have a good mic, and have minimal background noise. We want to hear your voice as crystal clear as possible.

  5. The character will be portrayed by any ethnicity, which adds to my earlier statement: Do not be embarrassed or ashamed of how you look.

  6. Please have a good recording software. If this project ends up slowing down just like V.Musical-Sub’s main project at the moment, we’ll have to start doing hot mic recordings.

  7. Provide bloopers

  8. Have fun

  9. Also have a decent camera and a good room in your living residence to record

If you do not have a Casting Call account and are seeing this project, feel free to check out BTVA or the Voice Acting Club! Happy auditioning, everyone!

About the Creator: mint monster va

Hello, hello! My name is Mint Monster VA, or Mint-VA for short, and I have been an online voice actor for about 3 and a half years now. I am extremely hardworking and love to be useful to be other people, whether is be voice acting or any of my other skills (i.e., art, writing, basic audio/video editing). (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

Lvl 19 Student | Lvl 3 Online Voice Actor | Lvl 7 Otaku | Lvl Ultimate Reverse Trap | Lvl 3 YouTuber | Lvl Noob Singer | Lvl 13 Artist | Lvl 3 Video Editor | Lvl 4 Audio Editor

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold