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Dead Vo's Previously Completed Works

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    About Dead Company's Fallout 4 Tales of the waste

    What's the project?

    This project is a series of Fallout based films that will humor you with poorly written quips and far to much sarcasm for one person to handle on an average day. The series it self is basically a Machinima but I hate that word with a burning passion so i'm not going to call it that. It follows a few mercenaries as they live their daily lives with constant attacks from Effeminate Nazis, scumbag contractors, and the occasional stupid orphan, but don't read to much into that last part. The group are constantly looking for work, and never seem to have enough caps in their respective pockets. This primarily has to do with the fact that one of them has a severe robot building problem, and the other a has a drug problem... and there's one that dresses up as famous dead people and gives a new definition to the word "Roleplay". We don't talk about him as much as we should to be honest with you. If you need to know everything about everything on this project, I made a little video that sums up everything perfectly...Kinda. Take a look here!  https://youtu.be/M0DCunVb_gA

    What roles are available?

    I first set out to only put one role up but I thought that putting more roles on the casting call and expanding the amount of voices at my disposal would provide a better performance to the people watching.  Roles are a little odd to describe for this project due to the fact that i'm not only looking for voice actors, but i'm also looking for people with the drive and determination to make an enjoyably experience for lovers of the Fallout world and even people who've never played the game.  Currently the roles that are posted from most important to least are Atomic Jane, Rob Harris, Tom, Charlie watts, Raider#1 and Raider#2. Also please note on two things, the first being I will not pick a role until the deadline has been met, no early birds here,  the second thing is I do not pick auditions on up votes. If you have 200 up votes and don't get the role, it's because of performance or another reason. To me, this is not a popularity contest. If you don't have any up votes that doesn't mean you won't get the part, me and my team will listen to every audition uploaded cool? cool.

    Is this project rated R for radical ?

    The series contains a number of 18+ concepts that I want you to know before you waste your time on this thing. 

    Do you swear? I'm I going to have to if I audition?

    Yes! In the world of Fallout people swear all the time and the creators of this project are bad at keeping their mouths shut most of the time. To that end, we don't swear so much that it becomes stupid and bad...unless you get the role of Atomic Jane, then swearing is like a second language to you. I am fully aware that too much swearing and cursing can absolutely ruin a project and a script, but a little of it never hurt anyone.

    Substance abuse?

    Oh you know it! Drugs, alcohol, pink paste! It's all there.

    The Sex?

    I'm a Bad writer, not a horny writer... so no, no sexual stuff is in these videos. Well...sexual jokes are in these videos but the actual like thing....is like..um.. let's just keep going.  NO SEX! STOP!!!

    Will I be doing violence to my fellow human beings?

    Ohhhhhhhh...yeaaaaaahhhh... Sorry! Kool aid man came in here and typed that, but yeah violence is usually the problem solver for most people in the Fallout universe.

    When do you expect the videos to come out?

    I intend to make a video ranging from 20-30 minutes in length every month. I know that doesn't seem really fast but the amount of work these videos take is unbelievable some times. So please be patient with my psychosomatic writings and the plethora of different ideas I come up with  and change on a daily basis.

    Are any of these roles a long term commitment?

    Yes. The only role that is going to become a staple in the main cast is Atomic Jane. This character Was originally going to be the only role on this casting call but I decided against it and added everyone instead.  Rob Harris,Charlie watts and Tom will appear in the next 4 episodes and that's about it.

    What do you use to keep in contact with your voice actors and actresses?

    I prefer to use Discord and get everyone on a group, but i'm also fine with Skype. 

    Will I be Live directed?

    Not really Live directed, but we will read through the script and talk about the character you play, this is just so we can get acquainted and clear out any concerns or questions you may have about the character or the project. You later then can record your lines in your own space and environment.

    Is there financial compensation?

    I'm going to be real honest with you...I'm not sure if I'll eat tomorrow so sorry to say,  nope! I will however link anything you want in the description, plus I'll name you whatever you want in the ending credits. As a poor college student, this is all I can do.

    What type of equipment are you willing to work with?

    Honestly... I'm not a super picky person when it comes to equipment. As long as it's not an iphone or a potato you're good to go! Of course i'd love for you to have the most amazing microphone with 20 pop filters and a booth so quiet you can hear the blood running through your veins, but I also know that's a fable from even the most under achieved fairy tales about voice acting iv'e ever heard. With all that, I do have some standards, things like low background noise and pops. Keep those little bits of horror from your auditions and you're gold in my eyes!


    About the Creator: dead-vo

    Just a loner voice actor whos trying to make his way through the world. Bringing you the least expensive screams, crys and laughs for you and your projects. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold