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About DBZ Fusion Reborn (Fan-Dub)

It's a Fan Remastered version of the Dragon Ball Z movie that introduced the multiverse to the birth of the fusion known as Gogeta. Only the animation and the plot line will remain intact. Sound effects, BGM and the script are all going to be remade from scratch. It will not be a parody, simply an updated re-imagining that will face similar changes as other Dragon Ball material produced by my team and I. It will fall in line with our Dragon Ball continuity and is one of the movies will be cannon in our Dragon Ball Universe rather than a what if like the original. Here's the deal:

- If a character isn't posted, it is because they've been cast by VA's already a part of our Dragon Ball Re Dubs who agreed to reprise their roles.

- For each take, speak the lines twice. Once in how the character has been portrayed and once in your own interpretation. Voices can't be too ridiculous however.

- Feel free to add music or Dialogue from a different character to your audition as long as it pertains to the scene. Only the character you're auditioning for will be analyzed. For example if you're doing a scene between Pikkon and Goku with the role you're auditioning for being Pikkon, feel free to use a different voice to represent Goku if you want to to demonstrate how you can adapt. 

- The voice for any character that's in the scene but not the role that's being auditioned for can be as serious or ridiculous as you want. It won't count against you.

- I'm going to distribute all the lines at once more or less. Deadlines for the dialogue will depend on how much was given.

- If you can't make the deadline, don't sweat it too much. Let me know ahead of time and I'll give you a slight extension.

- Commitment is required, however its only a 49 minute long movie (without the end credits. It's 50:41 with them but there's no dialogue.) so it'll be a quick project.

- Have fun while you're at it! The better the performance, the better you're chances are.

- Try out for as many characters as you like. You might get more than one role or at least one you like.

Significant changes to the story and setting.

- Both Goku and Vegeta are alive in the beginning and end of the movie but are considered dead for the duration of Janemba's existence. They are given Halos and are considered dead due to being in the afterlife while reality is distorted by Janemba. Since the living and dead are walking among one another but the dead have no Halos in the land of the living, it would make sense that the living have Halos if they were among the dead.

-  This version tells Goku vs Pikkon as a rematch to decide a clear winner due to the ending between being a tie the first time. As this movie takes place after Buu, it will be explained that this rematch was in high demand and was supposed to happen once Goku came back to the afterlife as he was to remain dead after the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. Due to Buu, it was delayed and was further delayed by Goku's revival. Goku was given special permission by Grand Kai to compete in Official Otherworld Events as a competitor to void his status of dead or alive from being a qualification to enter.

- Videl's watch states that it's Saturday the 16th. The 25th World Martial Arts Tournament took place 9 days prior, on the 7th. This movie is thus placed 8 days after Kid Buu was killed (May 8th). 

- To keep the continuity of waiting to erase the memories of Buu due to the Dragon Balls being stone for a smaller duration of time as 1 of 3 wishes was used, One wish will be granted in this movie off screen but eluded to by Gohan and Bulma rather than the Eternal Dragon not granting any wishes only to create a funny end credit scene. As for Shenron being reactivated while the Dragon Balls should be stone, the series has stated prior that the guardian can revive the Dragon Balls from a stone state early. It was shown once by Kami during the King Piccolo Saga as the wish to revive Piccolo's victims was made days after Piccolo's wish to be young. Gohan will have a line thanking Dende for speeding up the reactivation of the Dragon Balls and Bulma will have a line referencing the King Piccolo situation.

- Hercule will have a line mentioning that he hopes Buu was able to take Bee out potty unnoticed while he was gone to reinforce the Movie's place in continuity for our re imagining.

- The Dictator will be dubbed as intended and will be Hitler.

- Goten and Trunks won't know that their dads fused. The idea to fuse will be attributed to them wanting to show Hitler a real army with the Super Ghost Kamikazes.

- Vegeta's appearance will be due to him consenting to Bulma and Gohan wishing him there to help Goku for the duration of the crisis. The specificity of the wording in the wish is also what will cause Vegeta to fade away at the end as he's actually being brought back to Earth as the crisis is over and the wish is fulfilled.

- Goku and Vegeta will notice Janemba's weakness as Veku. Will mention once separated how that weakness is also the reason for his strength and further evidence that Fusion is the only answer. They both figure that fusion is worth another try and bank on the altercations in reality cancelling out the hour cool down. This will turn out to be true to allow them to fuse again so soon.

- Veku's time will be cut (Not literally. It was spoken that half an hour passed when his fusion ended originally but it will instead be replaced with speculation as to why the fusion ended early) as well to foreshadow that Janemba altering the laws of reality is having an impact on the workings of Fusion.

- Goku and Vegeta will chant something else while fusing into Gogeta. They will use the traditional fusion chant for Veku as it will be the first time they try it. They'll have had practice for the second time when Gogeta is born and Vegeta will give the reason why "There's no need to use that ridiculous chant on top of it!"

- An explination as to exactly what Janemba is and how his abilities work will be given as well as why his weakness is so particular that Goku and Vegeta can't beat him separately, but only through fusion.

Movie Synopsis

Fusion Reborn is the 12th movie based on the Dragon Ball Z anime. After a canister that contains the evil within souls sent to Hell blows up in an accident, a young attendant gets consumed by it and becomes a monster powerful enough to alter reality. Due to the monster sealing off the Check In Station, the living and dead begin to mix together as the Otherworld loses all order. While his children defend the surface, Goku faces off against this monster in Hell in an attempt to restore balance. With the appearance of a familiar ally, a last ditch effort becomes the only option if they want victory: Fusion.

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