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About Days of My Life: Cadence Casting Call

Days of My Life is a fan-made audio drama on YouTube that focuses on Sunset Shimmer after the events of the Fall Formal. She bonds with each of the Human Five and opens up to them about her past in Equestria, allowing them to understand exactly why and how Sunset turned into the bully they defeated. Although Sunset Shimmer is determined to change for the better, some students just can't get over their mistrust and hatred of her--and it causes one teenage girl to fall into the same cycle as hatred that Sunset Shimmer did so long ago. 

Days of My Life will have seventeen episodes overall, the story being split into two--the first half focusing primarily on the slice of life aspect, and the second half focusing on more magical undertones (while also keeping the friendship/slice-of-life aspect as the main plot).  


  1. No background noise please. I want to hear YOU and your acting ability, not whatever is going on in the background. You don’t need a professional microphone set up to audition, but please record in a quiet room.

2) I will only be accepting auditions that are in a .mp3 or .wav format. I will NOT accept video files. I will also accept auditions from Casting Call Club and auditions from YouTube, but you MUST be able to send auditions in a .mp3 format or .wav format for the final project.

3) Put everything into your audition! Some of these characters may be canon characters, but I will mainly look at your acting ability. Really show the emotion in the character - I am looking for good acting over an imitation of the character voice. For original characters, I’m looking for good acting ability and a fitting voice.

4) Please leave at least three seconds of silence before you say your audition lines. This will help give me an idea of how much background noise you have, the quality of your microphone and how much noise removal I will have to do.

5) You must have at least one of these ways of contact:
- an email
- a Discord account

- a Skype account
- Casting Call Club account
- Google hangouts

They are the easiest ways for me to contact the you if you are accepted.

6) The deadline is March 30th, 2018.

7) The most important rule--have fun!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold