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About Dark Times | Minecraft Machinema Role-play

A medieval-themed series centered around Marty, Knight, and Bryce as their lives change due to the rising threat of a Necromancer. They're forced to travel to Oakhold, and it is there where they must meet new people and build a team to stop the Necromancer.


What are we looking for?

Voice Actors: We're mostly looking for background voice actors for roles such as guards and other villagers. However, some major-character and minor-character roles may open up in the near future.

Set Designers: As with most professional Minecraft role-plays, some of Dark Times' sets contain tiny little bits. These bits can be quite tedious to place, but are necessary in order for the sets to look professional. We need builders who can creatively and effectively build with chisels and bits, as well as decorate using the decorating mods that we have. You'll need a decent computer to be able to run these mods.

Writers: Although the story is already written, we're still in need of writers. People with this role usually help with dialogue and overall edit the script, looking for plot holes and other issues to be resolved. Dark Times has some heavy twists and turns, so writers will need to sign a document swearing that they will keep quiet about the script. 

Music Composers: Professional composers not required, but someone talented enough to be able to take a theme and give it a new meaning is required. One of the directors of Dark Times is a composer, but does not have time to make custom or arranged music for Dark Times, as filming and editing take enough time. Music composers won't necessarily have to make up their own theme (Dark Times already has one), but they will need at least some experience in doing so in order to create a successful track. The Dark Times soundtrack consists of real-instrument tracks, not modern electronic instruments. MIDI is fine, but must sound similar to how instruments sound in real life.

Animator: This role is less likely to be filled, but is definitely necessary. If anyone knows how to make Minecraft animations using Blender, then your help will be greatly appreciated, as some scenes later on will be better off animated. This role can be considered for a paying role as long as the work ethic and quality is up to the standard of most Minecraft animators.

What are the requirements?

1. All applicants must have discord and be willing to join the discord server. Members must have their notifications for the server set to at least mentions only.

2. All applicants must sign a document stating that they will not leave the project until the project is complete (unless there is an emergency, of course).

3. All applicants must be easy to work with to make for a positive working environment.

4. All applicants must be willing to fill out a form suggesting what could be better about the project.

5. All applicants must follow the requirements of every role they apply for.

6. All applicants must understand that more requirements may be added in the future and will still need to adhere to those changes.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold