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    About Dark Sanctuary Rewrite Casting Call

    Me again, Vukasin Ulrik Ketsueki, still working on my video game, Dark Sanctuary, though I'm also working on other stuff FOR Dark Sanctuary, such as a webmanga! I just recently made a few changes to the story which called for rewrites, so in doing so I discovered that I was in need for more VAs to fill in roles for me. Now some of these rolls are for main characters, but there're also plenty background characters who still need voices, so please step up & strut your stuff, I fully appreciate ALL of it!

    Alastair Jäger is a 16-year-old whom was the youngest born son in his family of vampire slayers and after his traumatic experience with vampires as a kid, he grew up dreaming to follow in his father's footsteps and become the greatest vampire slayer in his hometown, called Belmont. However, after his parents bickered so often they eventually divorced and shortly after that his mother mysteriously passed away as well as his father mysteriously disappeared, so from then on he was left with his older brother, Simon, who went on to accomplish Alastair's dream. This caused Alastair's ambitions to grow and pushing him to outshine Simon. Alastair decided that the first step to become the best was to sneak out on the night of his birthday party to rescue a missing maiden and take down his very first vampire.

    After a huge misunderstanding, the vampire he planned to slay, named Pascal Raven, ended up forming a contract with Alastair, engaging them both in a game called "Champion Hearts", where both vampires and humans have to work together in order to succeed their predecessors. By forming this contract, Pascal agreed to train Alastair to not only become the greatest vampire slayer in Belmont, but in all the lands just as long as Alastair agreed to slay the overlord of Dark Sanctuary when Pascal deemed him ready. Dark Sanctuary is where Pascal, along with countless other vampires, originally resided, but after their overlord suddenly went mad with power Pascal knew he had to do something to stop the tyranny from continuing even if it meant teaming up with a human, which he absolutely detested.

    In other words, this is a story about two people from two totally different worlds having to team up in order to achieve their shared aspirations. What I had in mind for this game, as far as gameplay goes, was for it to be a blend between a traditional RPG and a Dating Sim which focused mostly on story and character development. Dark Sanctuary is the first out of three games I'm interested in making, so depending on how well this goes I'm really hoping I can bring all three games to life.

    This is a MATURE story, which deals with themes such as: Sex, homosexuality, transsexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, alcohol, rape, violence, torture & death. Dark Sanctuary is a story I first created on October 1st, 2014 and ever since then I've held it near and dear to my heart and being a transsexual myself, I wanted to create a game that successfully represents the LGBTQ community. I understand that there are some people uncomfortable with some of these themes and that is exactly why I'm making it very clear that they WILL be included throughout the project, just so that there aren't any misunderstandings.

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