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Linette The Fox's Previously Completed Works

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    About DanTDM: the Hardcore Episode 1

    So you know the Phineas an Ferb Star wars crossover? I was watching a video about it and the concept for that Episode was: what happens when the main characters are off stage? I really liked that idea a d I wanted to make something similar. At the time I was already developing a cartoon based on DanTDM's Hardcore series so I just began running with those two ideas.

    What happens when DanTDM isn't watching the various pets he's adopted throughout his series? So I wrote a under 6 minute Pilot that takes place during his first episode of Hardcore but from the background Characters perspective.

    I'm going to use voice clips from his videos to make him say what I want. And I'll need voice actors for the other characters.

    I also need help writing the second draft of the script.

    Don't forget to check out the videos this series will be base off of ~ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUR-PCZCUv7SdncU3PZuehOrsmkKpAd_N

    Dan TDM ~ Using voice clips from his videos

    Justin (Thinknoodles) ~ Cameo, using voice clips from his videos

    Plane Pilot ~ Her voice is sweet like an anime girl, she really cares about her passengers.

    Skinny ~ She has a wise sounding voice like a goddess or something

    Louie ~ He has a flat and monotonous voice

    Mojo ~ She's the main villain, her voice is kind of like Zira from the Lion King 2

    Eve ~ She has a voice like Vaggy from the Hazbin Hotel, she blindly follows her mother's every command but tends to a joker behind her mum's back

    Evol ~ He has a dead serious voice like Shadow. He's a bit of a loner but also he is a strong fighter

    Tango ~ She's a bit absent minded, she has a higher voice then the rest of her family

    Kitty ~ Just another lacky for Mojo, she sounds a lot like her sister Tango

    About the Creator: Linette the Fox

    My names Linette and I'm an aspiring writer. I've written many unfinished novels and am hoping to get one of my stories published. In the meanwhile I've been working really hard to make my YouTube channel a fun and safe place for making and watching cartoons.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold