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    About Danganronpa V3 Dub

    Hello my name is Yuzu and I’m holding a casting call for Danganronpa V3 Fandub! Please know that this is NOT my actual project. My friend is in charge of this project she just doesn’t know or have the time to make a casting call. She does have a CCC though!  Note : I will NOT be choosing who gets casted. That’s all up to her. She will review your auditions before or after the deadline and tell me who to cast! Also Tenko, Kirumi, and Kiibo aren’t on the casting call list because they were precasted.

    Before you audition please keep a few things in mind that are important 

    1- MICROPHONE QUALITY : This is very very important as it helps not only the viewers to better understand what you’re saying but so the project flows smoothly. I don’t want someone to have horrible microphone quality and that’s heard in the final product.

    2- EMOTION : Emotion is important! Let’s make this project successful by dragging in viewers! This will depend on the emotion and effort you give. When voicing I want people who are able to bring out the character. The voices you use don’t have to sound anything like the actual character (although if you do sound the same that’d sound good too). The thing I look in for a voice actor is the emotion not the voice. If everyone shows enough motion then I move to voice.

    3- ACTIVENESS : This is also VERY IMPORTANT! I want this project not to be scrapped or stopped halfway through like most abridged stuff on YouTube. I want this project to go smoothly so please be active!

    4- COMMITMENT : I understand that there’s things such as school and jobs. This is why YOU NEED TO BE COMMITED! I work on not only this project but the SDR2 one as well. I also video edit for another Fandub. I’m just as busy and yet I can take time to edit everything and do voice overs. Please please please be commited and not quit halfway through. That’s not fair to the cast,the viewers, or myself. To be active you gotta be commited.

    5- SOCIAL MEDIA : Please know that when this is posted I WILL NEED A LINK TO YOUR INSTAGRAM,TUMBLR,FB,CCC,DISCORD,ECT...

    You have to be okay with people seeing this publicly. It’s so you can get credit for the hard work that you’ve done. 

    6- DISCORD : In able to audition you NEED to have a discord. Why? It’s so we can communicate about the project. It’s hard not to when this is a huge project. On Discord we can do voice call and such and it’s just really helpful. By having this as well it’s a place for the fans to join and actually meet the cast :) when you audition please comment your Discord in the comments so you can be added to the Discord server! Also you’ll be able to ask the owner of project questions there!

    That’s pretty much the only rules  for auditioning. Now go out there and have fun auditioning! I would appeariate if you could also possibly spread the word to friends about this as well :)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold