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About Danganronpa: Twisted Truths

Danganronpa: Twisted Truths

Hello, my name is Gen and I'm the main writer and director for Danganronpa: Twisted Truths. I hope you will all enjoy what the project has so far in terms of art and writing, and that you will want to experience a new fan-made DR killing game.

Can you tell us about your project?

Currently, there is a rough outline for the entire plot, including a finalised death order for the characters, as well as planned events for important plot reveals.  There is also scripting partially completed for Chapter 1 and the prologue, with both having a more solidified plot outline than the later stages. As the series will be released chapter by chapter, primary focus is currently getting Prologue/Chapter 1 ready for release. 

All 16 primary character designs have been completed in into card, and full body designs, with a number having several sprites. Along the way we've picked up 2 other writers, a video editor and 3 more artists, bringing the team to a total of 8 at the moment. There is a Tumblr blog for the project (linked below) which has been putting out updates for the project for the last 2-3 months about the characters.

I feel like I am now at the stage I can begin to consider VA's for the project, in order to push us forwards to the creation of the first solid content piece for the project. The intended finished product as of the current moment would be a video series on YouTube. I wholly plan to commit to completing this project, which could take several years, given the length of the plot and requirements of art and video editing.

A Quick Summary

16 students wake up in a mysterious building, with no recollection of how they got there. A mysterious bear tells them that the only way out if to kill another student and to get away with the crime. Can any of the 16 students unravel the twisted truths which surround this killing game, and escape unscathed.

How do you plan on choosing VA's?

I want to eliminate all bias from the selection process. I am not a Voice Actor myself, so there is no need to worry about self casting. I do have friends who are voice actors, but I have told them many times no favours, I want this project to be as good as it possibly can, and as such I'll be focusing on how people perform in their audition.

The primary qualifier will of course be quality. I'm looking for people who are a good fit for the characters, but also deliver in quality as well. This does mean those with poor microphone/ environment quality will be less likely to be cast for the project, so please take this into consideration. This however, does not mean that I will not consider retakes. If you aren't satisfied with your performance, star the performance that you would like us to consider for your application.

As far how many lines each person will have to record, each character will have partial voicing for Daily Life/Deadly Life segments, and full voicing trial segments. The overall total will be dependant on how far the character survives, but i cannot specify this at this point, due to spoilers for the plot of the story. 

What we need from you

- A suitable method of communicating is required, for this project that is discord.

- Decent Microphone quality, please don't record on a phone or laptop microphone.

- Actor experience is not as important as performance, I'm more than  willing to take those who are new and show a lot of promise.

-Voice Actors  should be capable of cutting their own lines.

- Even if you don't get cast as the role of your choice, do not worry, there are other ways that you can get involved with the projects, as we will most certainly need audio editors, video editors, artists and graphic designers, don't be afraid to showcase your talents to us.


Project Tumblr

Sprite Artist Tumblr

Project Discord Server

Thank you for your time, and I hope you all have a good time auditioning for this project, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me on the discord server - Gen

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold