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    About Danganronpa:The Monochromatic Battle



    Hi everyone, I'm Tomoko and as you can see, I'm making a fanmade Danganronpa sequel game or animation (I'm still trying to figure out if I should do a game visual kind of animation of like an actual animation) The story line will take place after Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and before Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair. I'm going to keep the story line hidden and only show the main plot line to the people that will be involve with this project. There will be (again) 16 students in the story. Two students are known right now. Those two students are my OC, and Chiaki Nnami in which I'll will voice act both. Usami/Monomi, and Monokuma will be roles that are available for grabs. Now, if you scroll down, it will at least have the title "Student". What does this mean you ask? This means that the students are unknown. But how do we audition if we don't know who the character is? That's because I'm planning for those students to be any of the OC's who audition here. What I'm saying is that you just audition as an OC you produced and maybe it will be apart of the fanmade game animation that I'm producing. I'm not saying I will copy your OC but I'm actually saying that your OC can be apart of the fanmade Danganronpa game, I'm producing. Your OC that you enter will have the design, personality, and background story that will be produced all from you. You will recieve credit for all of this so that all the work you put into your OC does not go to waste or be thought of to be mine. I hope that you understood what I'm saying. Before entering your audition, here are rules that NEED to be followed!



    1.) Have a decent microphone. If I can't hear you, then how am I suppose to count it as an audition.

    2.) DON'T HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE OR BE RUDE! Those acts will not get you anywhere. It will show how you work with others and even if I like your OC, if I catch any bad attitude or rudeness from you, I wouldn't accept your audition. 

    3.) Be patient. This project might take some months so patience is a key thing to have.

    4.) DON'T PLAN TO DROP OUT! I don't want to choose people and then hear from them that they will drop out. Plus, I don't really want problems or extentions due to a person who droped out. So, please stay with the project until the very end.

    5.) Don't complain about the main plot that I will give out to those who will be chosen. I want to keep the main story line that I will place. I don't mind changing the minor details but the major details I will keep.

    6.) Please enjoy auditioning. 


    I also have some OC requirements that should be taken note of. 

    OC Requirements


    1.) He/ She MUST HAVE a first and last name. (obviously) You can also do the same thing as what Celes does which is to have a fake name (For Celes it was Celestia Ludenburg) and hide your real name ( For Celes, her real name is Taeko Yasuhiro).

    2.) He/She SHSL MUST BE choosen. Be creative with your OC's SHSL. You can be any SHSL you desire. But if you simply can't chose, the "Ultimate Lucky Student" role is there for grabs.

    3.) He/She MUST HAVE a personality. Make sure your OC has traits, flaws, strong points and weak points. I DO NOT WANT ABSOLUTELY PERFECT CHARACTERS IN THIS PROJECT. I don't mind if that person thinks their perfect but NO really perfect characters. Remember every person has flaws.

    4.) I would like your OC to have a background story at least. This is just in case if I chose you. All I need is a story about the character's previous life. It can be about how they think they are ordinary, whatever tragic thing happen to them, or some major thing that effected. Just anything about the character's previos life. 

    5.) Have a reference of your OC ready. This is also just in case if you are chosen. I need the design of the character in order to do the animation.

    6.) ONLY OC humans, AI's (Arifical Intelligences), or Robots allowed! I find animal OC's to be cute and cool but they can't communacate what-so-ever. This is an issue to especially the class trails. OC's can have pets though (Reference Gundam Tanaka and his Four Dark Devas of Destruction.)

    7.) Understand that you can only enter once. I would fine it odd if a character has another copy of itself. The only exception to this is if there are twins.


    I am truly sorry for having this many rules but I hope everything is understandable and that everyone has fun. All the roles will be chosen based on a lottery I will do and how well constructed the OC and yourself are. This will be more strict towards the "Ultimate Lucky Student" role because of the whole "my talent is my luck" thing. So, good luck to all who participate and thank you for participating in this. I will cast before due date if the OC is well constructed.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold