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Dreamscape RELOADED!! is a Danganronpa fan project. Stylized as a visual novel, this project will be comprised of six/seven different YouTube videos. These videos will be fully voiced, dynamically edited, and will feature several different artists. If you’re interested in providing a service other than voice acting, that’s fantastic! Feel free to contact me privately via Discord or DMs! Thank you for your consideration! 

We follow the strange adventures of fourteen talented and fiercely dedicated individuals trying to uncover the truth behind five whodunit mysteries. Our focus lies on these Ultimates, a bevy of bizarre characters who cross paths in the unlikeliest of ways. They take seemingly random steps towards the unsettling truth. A brutal and bizarre reality that has apocalyptic implications. Each different murder will see our characters waylaid, detoured, and disoriented without hope or a clue. While not immediately apparent, these milestones culminate seamlessly into the central mystery of Dreamscape RELOADED!!. In Danganronpa lingo, we're talking about five separate trials and one “big bang” at the end. 

Cue Noel Andrews, a second-year college student living in the idiosyncratic Towa City. Andrews has a peculiar affinity for death. The plucky student encounters death on a fairly consistent basis, even going so far as to profit off of it. Andrews finds comfort in this strange, yet oddly comforting status-quo. That is until the corpse of another Ultimate shows up. This causes an incredible stir in his community of classmates. Everyone, regardless of their talent, reports having strange delusions. Delusions of talking bears, antagonizing them to kill one another. Nightmares that stage them in an eerie-looking courtroom where only one thing is clear. They must solve the Ultimate’s murder- or risk losing themselves to the dream.

Pitch Document (It's a work-in-progress, so bear with me!)

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold