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    About Danganronpa: Doomsday High


    Danganronpa : Doomsday High:

    Danganronpa: Doomsday High is a 6 chapter fan web series debuting in November(hopefully)

    Brief Plot Summary:
    Hikaru Yuriko, the Ultimate Botanist and 15 other students wake up inside Evergreen High, a school surrounded by a thick fog, and mystery and are forced to face the most horrific Killing game yet. Together Hikaru Yuriko and the rest of class 79 must uncover the secrets behind the killing game or else they'll succumb to despair itself. 

    Pay and Monitization:
    Unfortunately, i cannot pay any of you for your amazing work on videos that may be monetized. However, this can obviously still be used as a reference point fro you amazing skills as Va's. And i might not end up monetizing it at all so i hope this is not an issue. 

    What makes Doomsday High Different to other Fan series?:
    Danganronpa Doomsday high is a darker and more explosive expansion on the danganronpa franchise and as such breaks the danganronpa formula down to a horrific level. The series has an original and remixed soundtrack by the amazing Anthony Willaims: . The series has an original and unique art style and is all drawn and created by me. It has an original script and plot line like no other, with sadness, horror and excitement spanning the 6 nail biting chapters. We have a growing YouTube channel as well so this is not starting from scratch. The series will have fully animated executions as well making the horrors of the killing game even more real and most importantly, although this series is darker, it is no gorier than any of the previous games or series.  It is darker by nature so this doesn't go too over the top or outlandish. 

    My youtube channel with over 20 Doomsday High videos!:
    Here you can see how the project has evolved over the 6 months it has been developing.

    We also have a growing community with our Discord which is a very close group of amazing people where we all chat and talk so if you wanna be involved you should definitely join!!

    We also do fan art submissions where you can draw the characters and get featured in a video!!!! 

    Brief about the roles:
    There are a total of 19 rolls to play, including the horrific Nurse Neko and Councillor Monotako. All rolls are mentioned here as well as in the video. Which you should just skip to 30 seconds in to see all the characters.

    As a group once the cast is assembled we will discuss whether or not we want the series to be fully voice acted so that is up to everyone involved.

    What will happen if you are cast?:
    Well, as a voice actor you will receive the character sheet for your character, complete with original designs and sprites. You can also have the option to find out your characters fate or any spoilers about the series (Of course, this information, should only be limited to other people involved in the series). You will also be part of a private group chat where you can discuss your role with others and maybe even make changes. 
    You will receive a full chapter script and then based on that we will start to make small edits as a team and record lines. Each chapter is about 10 episodes long so we will end up quite far ahead of the actual releases. Enabling a lot of time to redo lines or submit them. I would prefer it if we can all work as a team but if you can't due to time constraints then i perfectly understand and that won't effect your role at all. 

    Everyone involved will be credited at the end of every 20 minute long episode in the End credits as well. You can choose to go by real name or be anonymous. (Note: The first and last episodes are longer but as we will be months ahead of the release you will still have time to record all of your lines)

    Project Debut?:
    The project will be pretty long and the series may last a total of a year. It will hopefully debut in November.  As voice actors you will be several months ahead of the series so it won't take a year for you to complete your lines.
    The deadline is also March 15th and will be extended.

    I really hope you want to be a part of this and thank you for taking the time to read this!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold