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    Hello, hello, Danganronpa fans, aspiring voice actors and all others alike!

    My name is Ambi, and this is my Danganronpa fan project by the name of Danganronpa: Despair's Repetition! I'm here today to find the lucky voice actors who will end up helping me out along the way of making this project a reality! Now, obviously, I expect you all to have some questions about what's going on here in more specific detail than what I had mentioned, but no worries! I have come prepared with a small Q&A section for your convenience! I will explain later on what you can do if you still have unanswered questions on the matter.

    What is the general setting of this project?

    Why, I'm glad you asked, unspecified person! Well, it takes place in between after just about every main series installment with the exception of New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, which takes place some time after. The general setting that this project takes is a world where society was able to rebuild itself many years after The Tragedy that Junko Enoshima had caused so many years back. Due to everything that had occurred, Hope's Peak Academy, or anything similar to it was disallowed to ever start back up. People went into an outrage about this, as they felt the existence of the school itself was a strong symbol for all of humanity. Eventually, someone started up "The Hope's Straggler Course" which is basically a version of Hope's Peak Academy that is hidden from the eye of the public, somewhat like the Black Market or Deep Web. According to rumors, this business has existed for quite a few years and started around the time that the much loved academy of the past was deemed illegal. The building that this course is said to take place in is the setting of this next killing game.

    Will this be an animated series, a voiced comic series, a game or something of the like?

    Well, it won't be any of the three you've mentioned. I would love to do something like an animated series or a game, however, that would require a lot of extra time and paid staff, such as artists. While I did spend a bit trying to put this much together, getting something like a full set of sprites for each of the characters used in the project would be completely out of my range. Instead, this project will use a format similar to the first trial used in the Danganronpa fan project group known as Danganrebirth-Voices. If you have not heard or seen the group, please do yourself a favor and look them up on YouTube, they're a big inspiration for me. Sappy stuff aside, the format will be voices, music and sound effects over a still image.

    Are these your own characters?

    All of these characters were written up, conceptualized and designed by yours truly. However, any and all art credit goes to Orangerii on DeviantArt, who poured much of her time into making this project a reality.

    Will this project include Daily Life alongside Deadly Life and Class Trials?

    Yes, this project will include full daily life parts with each chapter, complete with community voted free time events, followed by the respective Deadly Life and Class Trial. The trials will be missing quite a few of the mini-games that the trials are known for, because some of them are strictly visual and would not be engaging to listen to in a video.

    Will you be Multi-Casting?

    No, I will not be Multi-Casting. If you are unaware as to what Multi-Casting is, it is when a project leader gives multiple roles to one voice actor. This usually does not end very well, and as a result, will not be something I try to do. However, you may still audition for as many characters as you please!

    Will you be auditioning?

    I will be auditioning for quite a few of the characters. While this might seem unfair at first, I plan to have multiple people making the selections for the cast members alongside me so the final selections can be as unbiased and as high quality as physically possible.

    Will you cast anyone before the deadline?

    While I cannot promise that I will not look at any auditions before the deadline, I will not make any final choices until that time has arrived.

    What if a character doesn't have any good or fitting auditions by the deadline?

    Simple, I delay the deadline by another week or two, and go through the selection process again. All characters will be available for this extended deadline if I need there to be one, even if said character had a number of worthy auditions.

    Will you be offering feedback on the auditions?

    If you DM me over Discord and ask me to give a review of your audition, I will gladly do so, and will even offer ideas on how to improve if I can think of any. If you still feel insecure about your audition after this review, you are allowed to submit another, updated audition for the same role. If I preferred your former audition to your more updated one, I will base whether or not you get cast upon that one. I also may leave comments on certain auditions saying what they could fix.

    Will there be private auditions?

    Yes, I am open to do private auditions, but just be sure to wait your turn, and to not bombard me.

    Are there any technical requirements?

    Nope! Not at all! If you wanna take out some old headset that you used for your Xbox 360 several years ago, by all means, go for it. Granted, you'll be very unlikely to get a role if you do use something like that, but anyone and everyone is allowed and encouraged to give their best attempt!

    What if I want to help out with this project, but not as a Voice Actor?

    First of all, thank you. Second of all, there are many other roles that you can take up to help the team! If you have experience with audio editing, writing or some other thing that you believe that you could use to help, I'd recommend that you contact me or another staff member about it on the Discord server for this project.

    What do I do if my question was unanswered?

    Like I have mentioned throughout several other answers, you may reach out to me or another staff member through the Discord server for this project.

    Where can I join the Discord server?

    Right here, my friend. However, I must warn you. If you are unable to handle exposure to nearly constant shitposting, I'd recommend moving your cursor away, before it is too late.

    Good luck and have fun to everyone who auditions! Thank you for your time! Credit goes out to those who helped me get this far!

    About the Creator: Ambi

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