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    About Danganronpa: Despair Days Part I (DEADLINE UPDATED)

    "In the center of the largest metropolital community in Japan stands the stronghold of Hope, Hopes Peak Academy. An educational institution known the world over as the epitome of Hope and Prosperity for the next generation of leaders, Hopes Peak Academy holds the powerful reputation of providing their graduates with an almost gauranteed route to success after High School. Students of this esteemed Academy are scouted and invited, for only the best of the best are given the opportunity to study here. Students at Hopes Peak are scouted under the pretence of a specific Super High-School Level title for their given field of expertice. Super High-School level students get the opportunity to achieve gauranteed success and prosperity on graduating, making enrollment into such an instituion but a privledge and a blessing. Any student would be happy to be given such a great opportunity at such a young, adolescent age...

    Almost every student...

    A group of twenty Super High-School Level students finds themselves separated from the remainder of their classmates and away from the safety of Hope's Peak Academy as they face against the greatest despair-inducing event in the history of mankind. Twenty will enter. One will Surivive. Will it be you?"

    -Despair Days Homepage About

    "Danganronpa: Despair Days is a post-based Tumblr Roleplay set in an alternate universe inspired by the original Dangan Ronpa series. In a world where the events of The Most Despair-Inducing Incident in the History of Mankind never occurred, twenty one Super High-School Level Students find themselves separated from the rest of their classmates and stranded on Black Smoke Islandnote , an abandoned and isolated floating fortress inspired by the real-life Hashima Island. Forced into a cruel Game of Mutual Killing at the paws of the devious Monobear, these students must face off against their biggest threat to survival, each other, all while trying to uncover the identity of the Mastermind who put them there."

    -Despair Days TvTropes

    As you can see Despair Days is a bangin' Danganrona-based tumblr roleplay (worth the read, I might add). As a player, I would like to slowly get pieces of the game voiced and possibly made into a actual gameplay-esque playthrough. There are twenty-one characters total, but for the time being, I'm currently looking for two in particular, Mei "Nodame" Katsunoda, SHSL Triathlete, and Kuro*Kometuto, SHSL Magical Boy. As a gift to one of the players, I wanted script their roleplay before their birthday, hence the tight deadline. If you have any questions character-wise, feel free to refer to their blogs and myself.

    Thank You & Good Luck!
    8/17: I had no idea the date was wrong! Please, be wary of the time there's only two more days to audition! :O 

    About the Creator: icarusguts

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