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Classes Start Week of July 18
  • Audio Engineering
  • Voice Acting
  • Music Composition
  • Creating Manga and Webcomics
  • Improvisation


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About Danganronpa Bloodfest

This is yet again another Danganronpa, what is a Danganronpa I most likely do not hear you asking? Well to sum it up quickly, 15 - 16 students get kidnapped and trapped in a high school, the only way to escape however, is to murder one of your fellow classmates. Then you and the other students go to a class trial, where everyone tries to find out who is the murderer. If they get it right and find out you are the murderer, then you get executed (killed) and the students go on, if you get away with the murder and the students guess incorrectly, then the rest of the students get executed and you graduate and get to leave. Right now we are looking for many things to help us out, and hopefully this project will be successful!  This will soon end up on youtube, but if we get a good amount of things done, then there is a slim chance that this might become a sort of video game like Super Danganronpa Another 2. Anything can help, so please consider reaching out! Also, you can audition for multiple students, but if we accept you, we can only pick one. Thank you!

About the Creator: yin yang

Hi! My name is Muaz, i'm a 13 year old dumbass. ;-;

I am a part of the Object Show Community, and I love watching anime, such as Danganronpa, Food Wars, and BNHA! I'm going into 8th grade soon, and i'm a guy UwU

I'm currently single for all the ladies *snaps fingers*

I am working with my best friend Ashley to make a danganronpa game / video series, we have very high hopes for something like this to turn into something like Danganronpa Kill/Cure, or Super Danganronpa Another 2.

My Discord is Taco#5864

My Twitter is @Terminaru

My Youtube is Terminaru

so yeah, that's all.

why the fuck are you still reading leave me alone ;-;

nah, if you read up to here, your cool


have a good day my friend.

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