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    About Danganronpa 2 Scrum Debate - Fandub

    Okay, so this is a relatively small project, for a fandub of this video right here.

    As for what I need, just do all of the lines, since the lines on the profile page are all of the lines I'll be using. If I pick you, I'll send you a DM asking for what social media or page in which you would like to be credited on, my goal for this whole thing is to finish it relatively quickly due to it being a small project. I was going to have the casting done on Friday the 22nd.

    Q: Japanese Translations or NISA Translations?
    I planned on using NISA's translation rules, meaning characters will be referred to by their first name and there won't be any honorifics, as much as I think "Komaeda" sounds way cooler than "Nagito", I want this to feel like it's from the actual game.

     Q: What kind of voice should I go for?
    A big part of this is to get voice actors who aren't relatively popular, so they can have something to put on their resume, as long as you have good mic quality, I'd recommend auditioning. As for the actual character voices, I'd recommend going for at least the direction of the dub voices (no I'm not saying your Nagito needs to sound like Bryce Papenbrook, just have the same creepy tone and attitude )

    Q: Where did the translations come from?
    Well uh, I employed a little technique I call "google translate and guess" a lot of guessing was involved as I couldn't find anyone to translate it, however, if someone can give an official translation or has found one, DM me about it and I'll update the casting call and message any Voice Actors to change their line(s).

    Q: Did you get permission to do this?
    I've tried to contact the creator, but due to the language barrier, it's been somewhat hard, however, if the creator decides that they don't like the project, I'll shut it down immediately.

    Q: So is this a video?
    Yes, it will be uploaded to YouTube and I will be editing the video. If you have any concerns or questions about the video, feel free to contact me, the description will have all of the voice actors' names and whatever account they want shown.

    Q: Any other tips?
    Because this is a scrum debate, I would prefer it if you kept each line relatively concise, I'm not saying you need to speed read it, but just don't draw out your words too much to add drama, it should seem like you're excitably arguing. 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold