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Milk's Previously Completed Works

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About Crafton High | Extras [Minecraft RP]

- Minecraft Roleplay -

Hello and welcome to our Crafton High RP casting call!
This is an RP that my sister and I have been working on for a little over half a year now and we are in the stages of finalizing the map and getting our character scripts polished and prepped. So we decided to open up our casting calls for people to voice act our wonderful characters as well as find people willing to help body act.

Hey~ I want to apply for a role!
AWESOME! for one thing, thank-you so much in advance for wanting to join our role play~ As always there are a few rules that you must abide by if you get the part.

00. Age and Personality:
When applying for either a VA or BA role please be at least 13 years old that being said we also expect you to be polite to us and everyone else involved in the RP.

01. Commitment: 
Turn around to get your lines in will be 3 weeks, we understand life can get busy but please endeavor to get your lines in on time or let us know if you're going to be late.  Handing in your lines late consecutively with no prior notice will get you replaced and black listed from our role plays.

02. Communication:
You must have either Discord or Teamspeak, this is for communications eg. if you will be late handing in your lines, if you need prompts or if you need any information regarding your role. Please reply to anything we send you a.s.a.p.

03. Privacy:
You are not allowed to give out any information on the role play, this includes spoilers, up coming characters, screenshots, etc. Doing so will get you replaced and black listed from our role plays.

Voice Acting Requirements?
Please PLEASE have a decent microphone and make sure your records have little to no background noise. Please do not over edit your audition, we want to hear what you sound like not how well you can edit your voice!

How many episodes are you planning on recording?
We are currently aiming for 12 episodes, possibly more if we can't explain our plot within the 12 episodes. That or it will be an OVA. So please when applying know the commitment you are getting into.

Where will this be uploaded and how do I contact you?
This will be uploaded to my and my sisters YouTube channel <Nyankaron>
If you need to contact Charizard694 or myself our public discord is <here>
Milk | Milk#0623 • Charizard694 | Charizard694#2518

About the Creator: milk


  1. Hello there~ I'm Milk or Milksu ♪ You're free to call me either, whichever suits you best, I will never give out my real name so please don't ask. I'm still an amateur VA so please bare with me.

Voicing Capabilities

  1. I am best suited to voicing female characters age range 5-25, I can project my voice to sound older or younger, but this is my comfortable range. My vocal range is medium to high, I can do lower characters but again this is my comfortable range.

Singing Capabilities

  1. My singing capability is varied, I can sing from Tenor to Mezzo-Soprano. I am most comfortable around the Alto range. I can sing in English and Japanese/Engrish. I am able to harmonize.

Other Skills

  1. I am able to edit my own audio and videos. I'm great at plot and character profiles. I'm an amateur SFX editor and am able to record varied effects from crying to battle grunts. I can draw and do slight animations. I'm very easy to talk to and have good social skills.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold