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About Contengancy Prorocal 666 (Star Wars lego stopmotion Fan Fiction adaptation)

Contingency Protocol 666 (Star Wars Lego Stop motion Fan Fiction adaptation) Is based on my fan fiction. During the clone wars it was popular belief that only the clone troopers and Jedi fought against the Confederacy of Separate Systems or Separatists. However depending on which unit you were in there was anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of non-clone humans serving and other species of the Republic fighting in the clone war. Although there will be Obiwan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano the Jedi we know in love, they will not be the primary focus of this story as this story will be shown from the grunt's and special operations point of view and the constant divide between the Jedi and the military.

Some interesting things we will b touching on in the Clone wrs is to my knowledge in both cannon, star wars ledgens and the expanded univers, Is it has nver ben confirmed or well explaned if the Republic ever officolay declared war against the Confederacy of Sperat Systems.  So this will be a limited warfar or "policing action" type of war. As thens wars tend to drag on and is more of a matter of wills as in who is willing to through more bodies at the other side.

New characters will be added for casting as production moves along so if you do not see a part you want to try out for don't worry there will be more main and supporting characters and extras :)

Now For the Pesky Rules 

Have a decent mic little to no back ground sound please.

Communication is key, if you can’t do recordings or you have to suddenly quit please let me know ASAP!!! I prefer communication with CCC but Discord is also possible.

Have fun with the characters

When the section in the audition lines says "Say something else you think will fit."  Use this opportunity to make the character your own.  If you want to use what they said in the shows and movies, that fine too.    


This project is still looking for a Lego figure animator any one with any interest is to audition as soon as possible.  

If no one is willing to be a Lego figure animator, then project will move from being a Lego stop motion to an animation project

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold