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    About Connect



    Director/ Primary Writer:
    Vanilla Cremmea
    Art Director/ Storyboard Artist: Simon McWilliams

    >>Connect is currently working on its pilot episode with a trajectory of 12 episodes.  

    >>The animation isn't really animation, more of an animatic style with limited animated segments.  Lip sync is a possibility!

    The story follows Capucine, a young woman working at a cafe in Paris, France.  She receives a mistaken text from American art student Slate Taylor, and an unlikely bond forms between the two.  

    Slice of Life

    Capucine Fornier: A young woman living in Paris, France.  She works at a cafe under the employment of Mrs. Brown. 
    Slate Taylor: An excitable young artist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, attending the Art Institute for a second year.  
    Isaac Bragintzky: A young adult acting as Slate's roommate.  He attends an online college in hopes of becoming a history teacher.

    Pandora Gataki: A childhood friend of Slate and Isaac.  She used to date Isaac, but moved from Pittsburgh after graduation.  She broke Isaac's heart.
    Misha Petrov: A Russian foreign exchange student.  Originally from Moscow, Misha moved to study at an American college for a year.  He often visits the Pittsburgh Punch with Capucine.
    Mrs. Brown: A mother/grandmother figure to Capucine.  She owns a cafe in Paris, France, where Capucine lives at the beginning of the story.
    Kae Taylor: Slate's older sister who goes to culinary school.  She rescued Slate from their abusive household and moved them to Pittsburgh.
    Connie Taylor: Slate's niece and Kae's daughter.  Connie has ADHD and adjustment issues.  She doesn't do well with strangers.


    >> Of course, your mic must sound good.  There should be minimal / no static and you should be able to hear your voice over any background noise.  However, when and if you get the part, there must be No background noise.

    >>Have a functioning discord account.  You will be required to join the KiwiMix Studios discord for updates and discussions.  A casual discord server will be optional.  You do not have to participate in discussions.

    >>Be over the age of 13.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold