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About [Comic Dub Series] Orange Marmalade

Hello buddy friends out there in the world! I am Katakana Katana, hostess of the comic dub series for Orange Marmalade - by Seokwoo. I thank you for taking an interest in auditioning for the the projects, and I wish you luck! Now before I introduce these lovely characters to your picking, please let me talk more on the projects I’m working on here:

These are comic dubs, to put it plainly, we dub comics for enjoyment of the series and to promote the artists work by sharing it to da world! Right now, I’m focusing on both Orange Marmalade and DICE, both are extremely well written with beautiful art and great characters to love. And since it is a Korean series, we can definitely expect some drama (especially since both stories take place in a high school)!

If you'd like to do a more private audition, you're more than welcome to send your audio to my email: KatakanaKatanaVA at gmail.

When sending me your audition, please give me your name on the file, underscore, the name of the series, another underscore, and then the name of the character you’re auditioning for. There is no limit to the characters you can audition for/receive. All files should be in either MP3 or WAV format. After that, everything else is up to you~

Example: Katakana-Katana_OM_Yuu-Chaerin.mp3


Your deadline will be on November 18, 2017; Saturday at 11:59 PM -7MTN.

Your deadline will be on December 18, 2017; Monday at 11:59 PM -7MTN.

Orange Marmalade is about a world where vampires and humans coexist peacefully by political agreement on signed paper. Vampires are in the minority of the population, and - much like real life and in the Zootopia movie - there is prejudice. Most humans have a large disliking toward the vampiric race and even go as far as bullying them for their lifestyle. Our leading character in the series, Baek Mari, happens to be a vampire that moved to a new town and transferred to a new school. When she meets a male human with the sweetest scent of blood, she can’t resist her vampiric urges and tries to suck his blood, leaving him in a fluster and with a hickey. Thus begins a comedic, dramatic, and romantic series of events that bring the two closer and apart.

Now that you all have the basic run-down of what goes on in the comic, let me give you a small list of requirements for my auditions and then I can finally introduce the characters that need your lovely voices!

  • I do ask for decent microphone quality, or, at least, better than what I’m currently using. I have a CAD u37 USB mic, so if you have anything better than that, you’re golden in my book! I want to be the only one with bad mic quality~

  • It’s more easy for me to work with Discord, so if you happen to have an account on there (or if you already came from there because of the link I sent out), then I’ll add you to the server as soon as you have been casted for the part, or you can just join the DICE cast, that series has so many characters, it’s insane.

  • I’d like to do live direction for both comics so that everyone says names properly and have the correct emotion that matches that of the character you’re voicing for in the series. If you have a problem with that, then you might not be right for these projects, because I would like to require this of everyone ^^;;

  • That being said, emotions! We will be reading off of character’s emotions, so I want you to learn about your character. Breathe your character. Live your character. Worship your character!

  • Availability: this series has over 100 chapters, so it is really long. If you don’t have a life like I do, then perfect! We can be lifeless together! ^^ But seriously, please live. I don’t want to recast people for a third time.

    • If you can, please read through the series you’re auditioning for. It's really good! Plus you’ll get a better knowledge of the character you’re voicing for instead of my sucky descriptions~ It’s a win-win, you can’t lose!

  • Lastly, and most importantly, have fun! We’re all friends here having fun doing what we love, and making art with our voices! If you’re not having fun doing what you like, then why are you auditioning? (owo)?

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold