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Mrreilz's Previously Completed Works

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    About College Voice Acting Podcast Project

    Reposting this because two off the three people that had agreed to be a part of this have been unreachable. 

    Hi I am doing a Sound Production class that requires either a radio show or a podcast for this section. The lecturer assumed everyone would do one that was based around music, but I have agreed with him to do a podcast on voice acting as long as it follows similar patterns since this is more appealing to me. 

    So this podcast will last around half an hour, which is usually about half the length of a standard one. It will be posted on YouTube afterwards, so if we all goes well, then we could possibly make this a regular thing. 

    The only things that I am required to do are start & end the podcast with a small piece of music, and I also have to import a few sound clips that we talk about at some point. My thoughts for this were that everyone suggest a piece of V.A work that they enjoyed, just a few seconds of some good voice acting, we listen to each individually then talk about them for a few minutes. After that we are free to talk about what most V.A podcasts talk about, which is the community, breaking through, the works etc. I will have to write a somewhat proper script for the work, but we can obviously deviate after we have gotten past the necessities.

    I know a lot of people will look past this because it seems more strict than a standard podcast, but it won't be that bad, 

    Since most people will be available during the evening on a weekend (GMT), we'll most likely do it then, but I don't have a set due date, so we can discuss this. 

    I'm looking for three or four people and I'm not going to be too nit-picky about picking, so I only have a few standard requirements: 

    - DECENT MIC (I'm not saying you have to have a Rode NT 2000, or something like that, but have a decent microphone. No webcam, inbuilt or headset mics. Blue Snowball at the very worst).
    - HAVE PREVIOUS WORK - I'm not demanding that you're a pro, and you've been in the industry for ten years, even just a few small dub roles is work. The point in a podcast is to talk about things that come from experience, so I'm looking for people that have done at least 3 works, no matter how small the projects or their roles were. 
    - BE AVAILABLE (Please don't just say you'll do it then not turn up)

    Thank you for looking.

    About the Creator: mrreilz

    Hi, My name is Reilly, I have been voice acting on and off for the past two years over various sites, but have finally found the time and desire to give voice acting the majority of my free time, trying to make this hobby go as far as possible. 

    I believe my range to be decent, and I have faith in my acting experience. I have friends in the industry bigger than me that always give me pointers and I always look to improve my game, no matter what side is lacking. 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold