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Classes Start Week of July 18
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  • Creating Manga and Webcomics
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Mirisenpai's Previously Completed Works

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    About CODE I.D.O.L

    Welcome to our idol group project, CODE I.D.O.L!!

    We are looking for girls and boys that love singing just as much as we do and have fun doing it together!

    Our purpose? 

    Becoming well known in the world of net idols. We want this to be as professional as possible, so please please please...take us seriously >.<

    What will we do?

    We will do covers of our favourite songs (mostly anime, in japanese, english or any other language), but we will also make our our songs. We will have, of course, a YouTube channel, and also an Instagram account, a Skype group (maybe a Discord one too), and our own webpage.

    What are we looking for?

    Mainly for singers, but also composers, writters, animators, artists, and mixers. Yeah, it's a lot, but remember we want to reach to the top!

    What do you need to be selected?

    First of all, a good mic. I'm not asking for one of those expensive microphones, but one that allows us to hear you well without background noise or too much static. 

    You will also need Instagram, Skype (Discord optional) and be active!! We don't want this to be a "few weeks" work! We want to last as much as possible. 

    If you leave because x reason, we will understand. You can come back if you want to, even if that depends on the reason you left. Also, be nice with everyone, we are supposed to be a group. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION, NO ONE IS BETTER THAN OTHERS. You can be kicked for bad behaviour or inactivity, also if you hardly send your lines on time. 

    If you want to be mixer, artist, animator, composer or writter, send me a private message or an e-mail to [redacted]


    About the Creator: mirisenpai

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